Riverside Bike Ride

This week’s blog is going to be about the Riverside Bike Ride that is put on by the Kiwanis Club of Victoria, Texas. This was the second year that my wife and I have participated in this event. I rode in the 30 mile ride and my wife did the 20 mile ride. As many of you know, I ride a Tour II that is made by the Terra Trike company and my wife rides a Rover, also made by Terra Trike.

The morning started off with a delicious pancake breakfast at the First United Methodist Church prepared by the Kiwanis volunteers. This breakfast had a huge stack of pancakes, sausage links, fruit, and juice. This was more than enough to fuel our bodies for the upcoming ride. There also was a lot of sharing and story telling going on between all the riders. Volunteers were also busy registering other riders and directing guests to where they needed to be. Some riders appeared calm while others may have been some what nervous.

After breakfast, the riders made their way outside. After some opening remarks by the special speaker, the National anthem was sang. Final instructions were given and then the riders began lining up for the ride. The 100 mile riders departed first, and then those riding between 50 to 20 miles lined up. There were many riders in this group so everyone had to use extra caution to not bump each other or cause anyone else to crash. After a successful start, we were off.

I quickly got into my cadence rythm and began moving up towards the front of the group. I had been training very hard for my bike tour and have been riding 50 miles each day so I knew that this 30 mile ride wouldn’t be difficult. I was able to ride at an average speed of just over 13 mph and reached a top speed of 26.6 on one of the downhills. My wife and I decided to race to the last SAG (Support and Gear) station and then ride the last 5 miles together. I do admit that she beat me to this meeting point but do also have to point out that I had to go 25 miles while she only had to go 15 miles to get to this point. But, she did win fair and square. We enjoyed the last 5 miles side by side. Cindy really wishes that she could go on the tour with me but can’t due to her work obligations. Maybe next time. As we rode the final distance, we got to take in the sites and speak with some other riders. We had the chance to take in God’s awesome creation. It is amazing what you see while riding a bike at 10 mph.


Cindy said that this view is what most people are going to have of me while out on my Tour. I want to be able and willing to speak with other travelers and veterans around the United States. My goal is to raise awareness for veterans that are suffering from the effects of PTSD. My goal is to raise$25,000 to be given 100% to the Christian Warriors Retreat Center in Victoria Texas. I have already received $1141 which is amazing considering that I have not even started my tour. Continue to pray for me and my family and consider donating to my cause. Follow me on Facebook at: Gregory Hook, this blog at: texastriker.blog, and on YouTube: Texas Triker. I have also been in two stories in the Victoria Advocate.


I Ride For Those Who Can No Longer Ride


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