September 3 – September 9

September 3 Ticonderoga, NY to Middlebury, VT

I had a good ride today. I slept in for some extra rest and then had a good breakfast. I loaded up and got going around 1030. I rode to the Ticonderoga Ferry and crossed Lake Champlain. I am now in Vermont, my 18th State. I then  rode on Highway 74. I had a lot of hills today and the heat came back today. The heat index of 100+ caused me to take more breaks. I stopped for lunch at some gas station and talk to a few people about my tour. I then continued and made it to Middlebury,  Vermont. Just outside town, it started to rain. It rained for about 30 minutes and then it got hot again. I stopped at the Rivers Bend Campground. I was given another free night of camping. Now to set up camp, take a shower, and rest my tired legs.

September 4 Middlebury, VT to Fryeburg, ME

I had a good day today. I started around nine and rode 8 1/2 miles to Bristol Vermont. I then drove a truck for 150 miles to Fryeburg, Maine. I did this for a few reasons.

1.  I am tired. 2. I am sore. 3. too many big climbs today.

I went through New Hampshire (19th) and then into Maine (20th State).

After getting to Fryeburg, I stopped for lunch at Subway. I then rode about 5 miles to my campground. I am staying at the Canal Bridge Family Campground. No more major mountains from here on. But, I still have plenty of climbs. I will leave early tomorrow so I can stop in the next town to do laundry. Feeling good. Going to try to rest and recover.


September 5 Fryeburg, ME to Poland, ME

I had a good ride today. I started around 730. I felt very encouraged today and seem to have a better mindset and positive spirit. I rode over several hills on my way to Bridgton. I stopped for lunch at McDonald’s and met a few veterans to share my story with. A lady who is a veteran and a suicide attempt survivor hugged me and told me how happy she was because of my trip. She now runs a suicide/PTSD prevention program. I then went to do my laundry. Not fun but something that needs to be done. I got back on the trike around one and planned  to stop in Naples. I felt so good I decided to push on. I stopped at the Hemlock Area Campground. I got another free night of camping. I soaked in the lake, took a shower, set up camp, and ate dinner. Great day.


September 6 Poland, ME to Brunswick, ME

I had a good ride today. I started at 8 and rode a lot on back roads. It was very hot and humid today. I stopped for an early lunch at Lewiston. I got back on the trike and was soon in a very bad thunderstorm. Sometime during the storm, I lost my map. I can’t believe that I lost a map. I waited for the rain to stop and then got back on the trike. Again on back country roads but now they were covered in tree debris. I was planning on camping tonight but instead I got a room at the American Best Value Inn in Brunswick. The hotel was the same price as the campground but at least I am inside and dry. I’m going to rest and then go eat some Mexican food.

September 7 Brunswick, ME to Rockport, ME

I had a good ride today. I started it 8 AM. I rode on Highway 1 for several miles. Another cyclist came up to me and said, “I can’t believe it you’re the Texas Triker.” He has been following me and my story for several months. I stopped for lunch and then continue down the road. A car pulled over to flag me down and asked me about my story. That’s when I met Winston and his wife Mary. They invited me to stay with them in Rockport Maine. I had a good dinner, shower, and a nice bed. These are some very nice people. Winston is a cyclist and Mary is a retired Army veteran.


September 8 Rockport, ME to Belfast, ME

I started early today at 7 AM. It was very cool but great for riding . I stopped at a store and shared my story with several people. I started back on the trike but something wasn’t right. I am having a minor issue with my trike. A police officer gave me a ride to Belfast. I am staying at the Fireside Inn and Suites. Will be here until Terra Trike sends  me a new trike. It seems like a major let down but Terra Trike is going above and beyond to get me back on the road. Very professional company.


September 9 Fireside Inn and Suites, Belfast, ME

I spent all day at the hotel. I am trying to stay calm and get a plan for next week. Terra Trike has decided to give me a brand new Gran Tourismo to keep me on my tour. Resting all day. I got laundry done. I arranged  for a truck to get me to the bike shop on Monday. Everything is going to work out. I am still positive and motivated to continue my tour and to complete my mission. I will be seeing my wife on Wednesday, September 12 and she is staying until Sunday. It’s going to be a great time.

7,554 miles down


August 27 -September 2

August 27 Lockport, NY to Rochester, NY

I had a good ride today. I rode almost all the way on the Canalway Bike trail. I arrived at my host house around 5 PM. I had a great dinner of burgers, veggies, and fruit. We went out for ice cream. We had a great conversation about riding and family. Stephen  and his wife Ann our great host. His son Vinny was a joy to be around and showed me their chickens.

August 28 Rochester, NY to Sodus Point, NY

I had a good day today. I started out with a delicious breakfast prepared by Stephen . I then packed up and was on the trike by 815. Stephen rode with me to get me back on the Canalway  Bike trail. He Road 13 miles and then I was on my own. I stayed on the bike trail until Palmyra. I then stopped for lunch. After lunch, I went on country roads until I arrived at the South Shore RV Park just outside Sodus Point, New York. Camping here is only five dollars for cyclists. Before I even set up camp, a lady named Kelly brought me a cold drink. I then set up my tent site. Later, Kelly and her husband Bob came to talk with me. She then brought me dinner. I took my shower and went to bed.

August 29 Sodus Point, NY to Mexico, NY

I had a good ride today. I went over 7,000 miles for my tour. I started at eight and it was already hot. I rode  through the country but passed through a lot of small towns. A big storm came in so I tucked  into a diner for lunch. I arrived at the Dowie Dale Campground around six and was given a free spot. I set up camp and then went to Lake Ontario to cool down. The water was great. Then I was given a nice dinner of pasta and clam. It is going to rain all night. Trying to get some rest.

August 30 Mexico, NY to Boonville, NY

I had a hard, long ride today. It rained all night but stopped around 6:30 AM. I started around eight. I had a lot of climbs  today. I stopped for lunch at the Otter  Limit outside of Redfield. I got back on the trike around 2 and still had 39 miles to go. I finally arrived at the Styh’s Brown Barn Campground in Boonville. I was given a free night of camping. Ready to shower, eat, and get to bed.

August 31 Boonville, NY to Raquette Lake, NY

I had a good ride today. I started a little later than normal but was on the trike at 8:30. I had a lot of climbing today and it started to get my legs tired. I stopped for lunch in Old Forge and then stopped at the store to restock some supplies. I had another 23 miles to go. When I got to Inlet New York, I made a decision to ride on back roads instead of the highway. Big mistake. The pavement ended and the road turns to gravel. I then got to some big hills that I was unable to ride because of the soft ground. After pushing up those two big hills, it was pretty much downhill to town. I got to my host house around 615. Liz and Mark treated me to an excellent fish dinner. I was feed, took a shower, and slept outside in a lean-to. Very peaceful night.

September 1 Raquette Lake, NY to Newcomb, NY

I had a good ride today. I started later than normal because my host Liz made a fantastic breakfast. We had eggs, sausage, fruit, potatoes, bagels, and juice. What a great way to start the day. I got on the trike at 9:45. I quickly turned onto Highway 28 and stayed on that road all day. I stopped for lunch in Blue Mountain Lake. I then had a very long hill to climb. I stopped again in Long Lake. Once back on the road, I met two hikers that we’re going to Lake Placid. Blake and Cassie walked alongside me as I climbed yet another hill and we all shared about our different adventures. I only had 17 miles to go and began  to get some easier riding  roads. I turned off Highway 28 and stopped at the Lake Harris State Campground. I was allowed to camp for free. My tent is set up, heading to the beach for a quick dip, then to an early bed. No cell or Internet service tonight.

September 2 Newcomb, NY to Ticonderoga, NY

I had a good ride today. I started early at 7:45 and made good progress despite having several hills. I met another cyclist today name Lee. He has been on bike tour since 2015. He shared some stories and encouraged  me to ride strong. I made it to the campground that I had planned to stay but it was 4 miles off route and I had a big hill to go over. I decided to push on a little further than I had planned. A couple stopped me and gave me money for dinner. I ended up treating myself to a hotel stay at the Super 8 in Ticonderoga. While checking in, another couple talked  to me about my trip. I took a shower, went to Walmart, and looked at my route plans for the rest of the Northern Tier. Feeling great.

7,211 miles down.

August 20 – August 26

August 20 Spencerville, Ohio to New Franklin, Ohio

I had a great time today. I was able to load my trike and trailer in the van and drove with my mom to New Franklin Ohio. On the way, we stopped in Wapakoneta and picked up a newspaper. I was on the front page. We then drove to Upper Sandusky for lunch. While at lunch, I was interviewed by another newspaper. I am always trying to share with others and spread the news with other veterans. We then drove to New Franklin Ohio to stay with an old classmate of mine, Robert Schosker. Robert and his wife Jody were very gracious hosts and allowed us to come in, eat, and watch TV while they were out. We visited with them later that night. After a good sleep, Robert fixed  breakfast. I got to play with their dogs and visit with his son Carson. Getting back on the trike in the morning.

August 21 New Franklin, Ohio to Mantua, Ohio

I finally got back on the road. This was after taking a short break in Ohio. It was hard to leave family and friends and I didn’t get started until 945. In a half a mile, I was on the bike trail and stayed on the bike trail for several miles. It was raining off and on but not too bad. I went through the edge of Akron and then back on the bike trail. I then went on to several country roads until I came to a detour due to a closed bridge. I then went about a mile and was stopped by a lady to see if I was OK. She ended up being a Warmshowers  host and invited me to stay with her and her family. Rachel and Nate along with their daughter Felicity were great hosts. I had a delicious pasta dinner, a soft bed, and we shared a lot of stories. I am sore but glad to be back on the road again.

August 22 Mantua, Ohio to Ashtabula, Ohio

I had a good long ride today. I started at nine and went on several country roads for the first 30 miles. I stopped for lunch  in Newbury at JDs. I spoke to a few men about my tour. I then made it to the Western Reserve Greenway Trail and stayed on this trail for almost 30 miles. This was a great paved bike trail. I met two cyclists on the trail who stopped and talked  to me about my tour. I finally made it to Ashtabula and met up with Tom. He put me up in a hotel and gave me some money for dinner. I also talked  to an active duty Air Force man. He is going to share my story with all his friends. I then went out for pizza. Trying to rest and get ready for tomorrow. I will be leaving Ohio and going into Pennsylvania and end up close to New York State.

August 23 Ashtabula, Ohio to Erie, Pennsylvania

I had an easy ride today. I slept in and didn’t get started until 9 AM. I rode mostly on a four-lane highway today but most cars gave me the entire lane. I took my time but finally arrived at Sara’s Campground on the shores of Lake Erie. As I was registering, the office worker, Annie, asked if I was a veteran and if I was riding for a cause. I told her my story. She was so moved that she allowed me to stay for free. I set up camp and then walked over to Lake Erie. I soaked in the water to relax and then went to take my shower. I little boy and his sister came over and each gave me a dollar. I ate dinner at Sara’s  Diner. Ready for bed.

August 24 Erie, Pennsylvania to Dunkirk, New York

I had a good ride today. I started at eight and had a nice climb for the first half mile. A little down the road, I got on a very nice bike trail which got me through the city. I then got on Highway 5 and stayed on that the rest of the day. I stopped for lunch at 1 o’clock and stayed until almost 2. I had a nice meal and I shared my story with another veteran. I was back on the trike with 22 miles to go. I arrived at the Sheridan Bay Campground around five and met the owner, Rick. Camping is only $10 here so I paid, then Rick gave me my $10 back as a donation. I set up camp, went to the beach, then took my shower. I cooked  dinner on the Kelly Kettle tonight. I am now in New York state which is my 17th state. Keep on pedaling.

August 25 Dunkirk, NY to Buffalo, NY

I had a good ride today. I started at 8 on Highway 5. I ran into a lot of road construction. The road was all torn up for several miles. I stopped for lunch in Hamburg New York at a Tim Hortons. It wasn’t that great. I got back on the trike and went to some back roads. I then got on some bike trails. I arrived  at my host house around 4 PM. Debbie and Ken are amazing hosts . Their three dogs greeted me and became my friends. The cats were nice too. I got settled in and took my shower. I was then treated to an amazing steak and seafood dinner at a local restaurant ending with a delicious dessert. After dinner, we drove over to see the Niagara Falls. This was an awesome trip and the Falls were breathtaking. We then went back home and I watched  some TV. I got a great nights rest and even had my laundry done.

August 26 Buffalo, NY to Lockport, NY

I had a great day. I woke up at eight and was treated to bacon and eggs with fruit and juice. I then packed up and was given some extra supplies for my trip. I then rode to Bert’s Cycle shop and had my trike tuned up. No major issues noted. I then got on the road at noon and stayed on back roads and bike trails all day. I arrived at the Niagara County Camping Resort at three and was given half off discount since I was on a bike. Campsite set up, relaxing, getting ready to eat. Great, easy day.

6,843 miles down

August 13 – August 19

I spent this week visiting family and resting. I met some great people at the VFW post 8445 in Wapakoneta,  Ohio. Commander Delmar Merricle, Post  Adjutant Ace Ambos , Quartermaster Bill Forsyth, and President of the VVA Doug Slattery. They presented me with a check for the Christian Warriors Retreat Center. I spoke at the American Legion Post 330 and shared my story about PTSD and my tour. I also received a nice donation from Post 330. On Saturday night, I attended my cousins wedding. Jenna and Dustin seem to be so happy. On Sunday I began the process of packing up and getting ready to continue my tour. It was great to see all my family and to get a lot of rest. Now to continue my tour and get back on the road.

August 6 – August 12

August 6 Muscatine, Iowa to Cambridge, Illinois

I had a very good ride today. It was raining early today so I waited until about 830 before getting on the trike. The roads were wet but the rain has stopped. I rode all the way to Buffalo Prairie before stopping for lunch. I then continued on to Sherrod. I stopped to get a drink and spoke to two veterans about my tour. I gave them both a business card. I then continued on to Cambridge Illinois. I am staying at a warm showers host house.  John and Stephanie are great hosts. I have an indoor bed, shower, and my own bathroom. There was a band from Ireland here called Jig Jam. They did a concert and a lot of people came to watch. There was also a potluck dinner. I sat at the table and talked  to Mike and Diane. They are farmers who raise chickens and sell eggs. They took a business card and said they knew a lot of veterans. Very nice people. I listened  to the concert until nine. Going to bed now. A lot of storms forecasted for tomorrow. I also crossed over the 6000 mile mark today and currently stand at 6,012 miles for my tour.

August 7 Cambridge, Illinois to Henry, Illinois

I had a great ride today. I started early at 7:30 due to some possible storms. I stopped  for breakfast and was treated to a free meal. I got back on the trike and stopped in Kewanee,  Illinois for a drink. I spoke with some people about my tour. Rain was starting to fall. I then rode in to the country and down some small gravel roads. Rain has stopped and the sky looks good. I made it to Henry Illinois and checked in at the Waterworks Park. This is a free park for camping for cyclist. I will be setting up my tent under a pavilion in case of bad weather. This is a beautiful park. I am right next to the river. I have a bathroom, electricity, and water. I walked into town to DQ for dinner. The owner allowed me to buy my meal for only one dollar. The American Legion in town was beautiful but it was closed. I’m feeling good. But I’m ready for bed.

August 8 Henry, Illinois to Odell, Illinois

I had a great ride today. I started early at 8 AM and had to ride across the Illinois River bridge. That was very exciting. I then turned off the road to a country road but came to a very long steep hill. This was about a 400 foot climb at 10% grade. After that, I had a long smooth ride in the country. I stopped for lunch at Cornell and talked to a guy about my tour.  I then continued on to get to Odell. I saw a very bad accident on the interstate with several fatalities .  Once in Odell, I went to the city pool. It felt great to relax in the pool. I then went to town for dinner and again shared my story with others. I ended up getting a free dinner and a donation. I then went back to the city park next to the pool. Marcie  Rea, a Facebook follower, and her friend showed up with some cake and a donation . She then left and went to buy me some snacks for tomorrow. Life is very good. I will be seeing family tomorrow. So excited.

August 9 Odell, Illinois to Iroquois, Illinois

I had a long ride today. I started at 7 AM. I rode on many back country roads and had very few hills. I made it to Ashkum Illinois and stopped at a Subway for lunch. I still had 24 miles to go. I got back on the trike and headed down the road. I came to the town of Iroquois Illinois. My mom and Uncle Bill were there waiting for me. They are going to ensure that I make it to my 30th high school reunion on Saturday night. I took a shower and tried to relax. Uncle Bill fixed a delicious dinner of chicken, corn, beans, and veggies. It is great to see family again. Time to get ready for my last push to Ohio.

August 10 Iroquois, Illinois to Spencerville, Ohio

I had a great ride today. My mom and Uncle Bill gave me a lift from Iroquois Illinois to Decatur Indiana. I am now in my 14th state and only 35 miles from my childhood home town. They dropped  me off in Decatur and I rode the last 35 miles to Spencerville Ohio. The closer I get to home, the faster I peddled. I made it to Spencerville at 3:10 PM. I was greeted by a small group of about 25 people. The mayor, PJ Johnson, was there along with many friends and family. My mom, uncle Bill, my brother, and many other people that I have not seen for a long time. It was very emotional. The local news TV reporters were there and interviewed me. It was great to be in my hometown but it feels very strange. This is now my 15th state on my tour and I have 6290 miles down. Looking forward to a nice break of about 7 to 10 days.

August 11 Spencerville, Ohio

Tonight was a very fun night. I went to my 30th high school reunion at Landeck Tavern. I saw many of my classmates from 30 years ago that I have not seen since high school. I had an amazing time. I cannot wait until my 35th reunion. I’m just so excited to be home and to see all my old friends.

August 12 Spencerville, Ohio

Today was another amazing day. It started off with the American Legion picnic at the Field and Stream pond in Spencerville Ohio. There were several people here. They are following me on my bike trip. I helped serve the lunch. Then the commander, Ryan Jackson, called me to the front and presented me with an amazing donation from the American Legion Post in Spencerville Ohio. I then left from the picnic and went to my old high school. They were having a car show. I rode my trike around the car show and I met several amazing people. Again it is great to be in my hometown. Looking forward to many more exciting ventures during this week.

July 30 – August 5

July 30 Fargo, North Dakota to Pelican Rapids, Minnesota

I had a long ride today. I started early at 7:30 AM. I rode on Highway 52 out of Moorhead Minnesota. I then turned on to county roads. Some of those roads had just been recently repaved. This made for a smooth roads but the roads were also very hot. I stopped for lunch in Cormorant. After lunch, I was moving my trike and trailer away from the restaurant and ran over a piece of broken beer bottle and got a flat tire on my trailer. The tire was fixed and I was back on the road. I then only had 13 miles to go to get to Pelican Rapids. I am staying at the Sherin  Park and Campground. Nice shower, electricity, and a nice place for a tent. I met Mike, a former retired staff sergeant from the army.

July 31 Pelican Rapids, Minnesota to Brandon, Minnesota

I had a longer than expected ride today. I got up and was on the trike by 7:15 AM. I stopped at the first store and got some breakfast. I rode for several miles before finally coming to the bike trails in Ferguson Falls. I then rode on the bike trail all day long. They had a good surface but I had a crosswind and a gradual uphill all day. I stopped at the Welty Outpost for a late lunch/dinner. I ate pizza and talked  to some folks about my tour. I still had 13 miles to go. I finally made it to the Chippewa Park. I took a swim before setting up my camp. I then took a shower. My tent is all set up and I have good neighbors that invited me over to eat hotdogs with them. I’m going to bed soon.

August 1 Brandon, Minnesota to Bowlus, Minnesota

I had a good long ride today. I started around 8 AM due to some early morning rain. I got on the bike  trail and stayed on this trail until Albany Minnesota. I then turned onto another bike path all the way to Bowlus . I met a German cyclist  named Walter who was doing is 8th tour in the United States. I also met a lady named Diane from Freeport Minnesota who rode with me for several miles. I had a good wind today in a slightly downhill ride. I made it to my host house and Bowlus, Minnesota around 7:15 PM. We sat by the fire and had a good conversation. I then set up my tent, took a shower, and then relaxed. We ate burgers and homemade potatoes for dinner. I had a good night and the hosts are amazing. Very good people. Looking forward to a great sleep. I am missing my wife tonight because this is our 31st wedding anniversary but only the second time we have not been together. See her soon.

August 2 Bowlus, Minnesota to Dalbo, Minnesota

I had a good ride today. I started the day with some eggs for breakfast. I got on the trike at 8 AM and road all day on the country roads. I stopped for lunch at the Grub and Pub in Ramey Minnesota. I then continued on my trip and came to Milaca. I was stopped on the side of the road for a newspaper interview. This was done by a reporter who is also an army reservist. I then went to DQ for a treat and I had 18 miles to go. I arrived at the Adventure Cyclist Bunkhouse outside of Dalbo Minnesota around 7 PM. I am the only one here right now.  Trying to rest and I will ice my knee down tonight. Time to take a shower and watch the Hall of Fame football game. I will fix dinner and get ready for another long ride tomorrow. I hope my knee feels better better.

August 3 Dalbo, Minnesota to Anamosa, Iowa

I was not feeling very good to start this ride today. My knee was sore, my legs are tired, and the weather is bad. I rode to Stark Minnesota to get lunch. I met a lady who paid for my lunch and took several business cards for her family. I then rode to Harris Minnesota. The storms started coming in.  I then went to Rush City and met a man who wanted to keep me safe and give me rest so he gave me a lift all the way to Anamosa Iowa. My new friend Connie also paid for two nights at the Super 8 hotel. People are very nice out in this world. They are also willing to help me out. This was an answer to many people’s prayers today. I am feeling more rested and my knee is getting better.

August 4 Anamosa, Iowa

Today was a day for rest, refuel, and resupply. Back on the trail tomorrow.

August 5 Onslow, Iowa to Muscatine, Iowa

Today was a very tough day. It was raining hard and the wind was blowing hard. I waited until around 930 to get started on the trike. I rode into a strong headwind or cross wind all day. I had many rolling hills. My knee is still sore but it’s not something that I can’t handle. I made it to Bennett Iowa around 3:30 PM and stop for lunch at TJ’s. I then continued down the road. I met a lady name Melanie who was waiting  by the side of the road with a nice cold bottle of water. She told me that her friend had seen me and called ahead. I shared with her about my tour and gave her a business card. She said that she has many veterans in her life and she is going to pass on my story to others. I then continued  down the road and finally made it to Muscatine. I am staying at a Warmshowers  host. I took a shower, ate dinner, and relaxed. Last day in Iowa today. My 12 state.

July 23 – July 29

July 23 Glen Ullin to Mandan, North Dakota

I had a good ride today. I started early. I rode on Highway 136 on paved roads but it turned  to gravel for 10 miles. Once back on pavement, I stopped for lunch in New Salem. I also passed the 5000 mile mark for my tour. After lunch, continued on to Mandan. I had a room at the Baymont Inn thanks to Connie Olson and her husband. I also had a visit from Gunner and Kevin from the CVMA. They gave me a patch for my jacket and  a CVMA sticker for my trike. I then went to my host house for dinner. Connie and Lief Olson treated me to a homemade chicken pot pie. I also had a TV interview with KX TV news out of Mandan. I’m always spreading the word for the veterans. This is been an awesome day..

July 24 ManDan to Hazelton, North Dakota

I had a good ride today. I started around eight. The first 15 or so miles was on the bike trail. And then rode on a nice shoulder on Highway 1084. Then I turned on a country road with no shorter but very little traffic. I then turned onto Highway 83 and got to Hazelton around 5 PM. I ate at the Road Hawg  Inn and then set my tent up in the city park. I took a shower, got some water, and had electricity.

July 25 Hazelton to Gackle, North Dakota

I had a good long ride today. I started at eight and got on highway 34. I wrote on this highway until I got to Napoleon. I went into town and ate lunch at the White Maid restaurant. After lunch, got back on Highway 34. I ended up on highway 34 almost 60 miles for the day. I then turned the last 6 miles into a strong crosswind and some big hills.  I made it to the Honey Hub of Gackle around 6:30 PM. This is a very nice place with inside bed, shower, laundry, and it’s totally free. They also have a wide variety of snacks and drinks for purchase. They also sell honey stinger energy products. I am looking forward to a hot shower and relaxing for the evening. I also had a phone interview with the newspaper from my hometown today. I can’t wait to get to Ohio for my 30th high school reunion. Less than 1000 miles to go. I am looking for a 70+ mile ride tomorrow if the winds and roads are good.

July 26 Rest day in Gackle.

I had such a good sleep last night that when I got up I felt like I needed to take a tour total day off for rest. My mind wanted to get on the trike but my body said take a break. I met another couple that were from New Zealand today that our cycling towards the west. I rested, filled up on fluids, and ate a pizza. Will get back on the road tomorrow for a long nice ride.

July 27 Gackle to Enderlin, North Dakota

I had a great ride today. I got up and on the trike by 7:15. I rolled over several up-and-down Hills. I stayed on Highway 46 all day. After about 50 miles, I came to a new café and had lunch. After lunch, I continued all the way into Enderlin and I am camping at the city park. I saw about 20 cyclist today heading towards Washington state. Once I got to the park around 4:30, I met a couple who were at the park on their golf cart. I shared with them about my tour and the reasons behind it. They left but soon after, another guy shows up on the same golf cart. He was the dad. He gave me a donation and I gave him a big hug. Cooking dinner with the Kelly kettle. Now to get some rest.


July 28 Enderlin to Moorhead, Minnesota

I had a good ride today. I started early at 7:30 AM and got on highway 46. I was riding at around a 10 mph pace for most of the day. I then turned  off onto country roads and then onto a bike path outside Fargo North Dakota. I stayed on the bike path through town and almost all the way to my host house in Moorhead, Minnesota. This is the 10th state that I have entered in. This is also my halfway point on my total tour. I set up camp, took a shower, and sat outside to take a rest. I soon met my host daughter and their dog. I then walked  to town for dinner. I ended up buying a sub from the store, some potato salad, ice cream, and Powerade. I met my host family later that evening and we talked for a while. They are a really nice family. I got a great nights sleep and I am staying in town for a second day to take the trike in for some minor tuneup’s.

July 29 Moorhead, Minnesota

I had a scheduled bike maintenance day in Fargo.  My day started with a fresh baked quiche for breakfast. I then rode to the Great Northern Bicycle Company back in Fargo, North Dakota. Alex took great care of my trike today. He cleaned up my chain, my sprocket, my front gears, and replaced  the brake cable and adjusted my derailer. I also bought a brand new pair of cycling shoes. I then went to the American Legion and visited there. I then ate dinner at the Frying Pan. And now I am packed up and ready to go for tomorrow to Pelican Rapids, Minnesota.

5,294 miles down


July 16 – July 22

July 16 Glasgow to Wolf Point, Montana

I had another long ride today. I started at 7:30 and stopped in town to get drinks and breakfast. I talked to a man about Christian Warriors retreat center. I got back on the trike and soon another man named Jim stopped  me to talk about my Terra  Trike. After a few minutes, got back on the road. I turned off Highway 2 and took the Old Indian highway. Many rolling hills with the long climbs. I stayed on this road for 20 to 25 miles. I got back on Highway 2 and rode into Wolf Point. I stopped at the store for supplies but left quickly due to the locals grouping up around my trike. I rode another 6 miles to Steamboat Dry Goods. I met Carolyn and her daughter Olivia. I ate dinner and set up my camp and then took a shower. Great day.

July 17 Wolf Point to Circle, Montana

I had a good long ride today. I started at 7:30 AM and the first 2 miles went very well. Then I turned on Highway 13 and began with the hills. Overall, 41 Hills today with over 2000 feet of elevation gain. I stopped in Vida to refill water at the post office. I soon came to road construction. They were adding chip seal to the road which made it very difficult to ride. Tar was all over my tires and rocks continue to get stuck in my wheels and fenders. After several miles, finally got out of the construction area. I still had many hills and long climbs. I rode into Circle Montana and went to the Wooden Nickel for lunch and then to the Lunchbox for dessert. I went to the campground to relax, I did laundry, set up my tent, watched some TV. Ready for bed and another big climb tomorrow going to Glendive. I will stay with a host tomorrow night.

July 18 Circle to Glendive, Montana

I had a good ride today. I Left Circle, Montana at 8:30. Once I left town, I began to go up mini climbs, total of about 1200 feet of elevation gain over the first 15 miles. Once crossing the top, I then  began a nice downhill ride all the way to Glendive. I did have  just a few minor hills but nothing major. I stopped for lunch at a small place in Lindsay Montana. After getting back on the trike, again had good riding conditions with a nice shoulder and not much traffic. I did see two eagles on the fence off the road. I was able to take a picture before they flew away. I made it to my host family in Glendive around 4 PM. Jeremiah then showed me around town and I met some other veterans. We stopped at the store to resupply and then had dinner which was paddle fish. We watched a movie and then I went to bed. I am meeting with the Combat Veteran Motorcycle Association from North Dakota tomorrow morning. Very exciting.

July 19 Stayed in Glendive, Montana

I stayed in Glendive Montana all day today for rest. I’m at Chase Justice and the CVMA motorcycle  group from North Dakota. I then went to the American Legion Post 28. I then checked into the Super  8 motel. Great day.

July 20 Glendive to Medora, North Dakota

I had a good ride today. I left early at 8:30 and got on Interstate 94. I rode on I 94 for several miles and then came to the exit to Wilbaux.  I stopped for lunch at the tasty Treat and had a Montana melt sandwich with a rhubarb shake. I think got back on the trike in return to I 94. I soon came to North Dakota border. I then turned off I 94 in Beach North Dakota and followed old Highway 10 almost all the way to Medora. I got to the Red Trail Camp ground. I set up my tent, took a shower, ate pizza for dinner, and then went to bed. This is a crowded RV park. The wind had picked up. I hope dies down before the morning.

July 21 Medora to Dickinson, North Dakota

I had a very difficult ride today. Last night was rough. I didn’t get much sleep because of the loud people moving in. A lady and her husband came in around midnight to set up their tent. They were both rude and very loud. Then around 2:30 AM, another guy shows up with three barking dogs. Then his car alarm goes off around 4 AM. I couldn’t wait to leave there. Got on the road around 830. Hills headwind and heat all added up to a slow ride. I fought for all I was worth. I stopped for lunch in Bellfield. I then got back on the trike and was fighting 25 mile an hour headwind. I met a couple from New York name Erica and Ken. I finally got to Dickinson and went across town to the North Park campground. After setting up my tent a huge storm came in and it poured down for a few hours. Everything in my tent stayed  dry. The winds continue to blast. Hoping for a good morning. A guy name Scott took me into town last night for dinner. What a nice guy.

July 22 Dickinson to Glen Ullin, North Dakota

I had a great ride today. I got started at nine. Cooler weather today and a nice tailwind. I rode out of Dickinson on old Highway 10. I got to Richardton and ate lunch at Johnny’s café. After Richardton, I had a nice downhill and way less climbing. I crossed  the timeline and now I am on the same time as those in Texas. I continue to ride on smooth flat roads and got to the Glen Ullin Memorial Park and campground. I met a very nice family that was having a family reunion. They gave me dinner, fruit, and ice tea. I had a nice visit with the younger children. Very nice people. My camp is all set up and I am ready for bed. I will cross over 5000 miles tomorrow.

4978 miles down.

July 9 -July 15

July 9 Glacier Campground to Devil Creek Campground, Essex Montana

I had a nice ride today. I started around 10. I stop for breakfast and West glacier. I started making small climes and then some long slow climbs. I gained 1200 feet elevation. I stopped at the devil creek campground at 4:30. I met the camp host Roy and Sandi. They let me camp at their site, gave me a nice dinner, allowed me to take a shower, water, watch TV and have a great conversation all for free. Sandi is an amazing artist. ( Great night. Going over the pass tomorrow.

July 10 Devils Creek to Brownies Hostel and Bakery, East Glacier Village, Montana

Today was a great day. I started at nine. I had 8 miles and 1200 feet to go to get over the continental divide. I had a steady climb but made it to the top in less than two hours. Feeling super excited. I then began writing into East glacier. I stopped at Brownies Hostel and Bakery. Feeling great.

July 11 East Glacier to Cut Bank, Montana

I had a good day today. I slept until 8 AM then ate breakfast and packed up my gear. I didn’t start my ride until 11 today because my host won’t be home until after six. I had some nice down hills but also several climbs. Once I made it past Browning, I still had a few hills but long flats in between. I arrived in Cutbank Montana at 4:30 and averaged almost 9 mph today. I covered the 48 miles pretty easily. I feel great and I hope to have a good night. My host will be home around six. His family was great. I had baked stuffed chicken with cheese and asparagus, rice, and cheesecake. I had a full nights rest and then even had breakfast in the morning. Looking forward to a long day tomorrow. I hope the hills, the winds, and my knees cooperate together. Feeling good and strong.

July 12 Cut Bank to Chester City Park, Montana

I had an early start today. I got up and ate breakfast and was on the trike at 7:30. I was moving along well for the first 35 miles. Then slow down some for the next 15 miles. I then ran into road construction on highway two. The road was torn up with some major potholes for at least 10 to 15 miles. I stopped at a new grocery store near Galata. I eat lunch and then talk to a Vietnam Navy veteran about my tour. After lunch, I still had 5 miles of torn up Road. Finally back on good road and a nice shoulder I rode to Chester Montana. I went to dinner at Spud’s diner and was treated by another family. I then went to the city park for free camping. They had a bathroom and plenty of water. Trying for another long ride tomorrow.

July 13 Chester to Harlem, Montana

I got up early today to a bright sunny sky. I am feeling really good and have a slight tail wind and some big down hills. I think I will try for my century ride today. I rode 16 miles in to Havre and stopped for lunch. Only 43 miles to go and it’s only 2 PM. After lunch, got back on the road. I was pushing it for time because the shower and pool close at 8 PM. I arrived in Harlem at 7:45 PM and took a quick dip in the pool and then a nice hot shower. I did laundry and walk to the store to get dinner. I made it 104 miles today and 10 hours 31 minutes with an average speed of 9.8 mph. I am not planning on ever going that far again. I am tired, a little sore, and not sure how much that ride took out of me. It was 95° today so I had to drink a lot of fluids. Going to go back to shorter days starting tomorrow.

July 14 Harlem to Malta, Montana

I got up early today feeling pretty good after my 104 mile ride yesterday. I got up at 7:30. I took my time packing and then went to the store. Finally got on the trike at 9 AM. I had a very strong tailwind today and a high temp was only 71°. It made for a much more relaxing ride. I rode many miles of nothing but Montana farmland. Beautiful and peaceful. Much less traffic today.  I made it to Malta and went to the Dairy Queen for lunch. Shared my story with a man named Matt who was from Texas and used to go to school at the same college my daughter did. After lunch, I went to the Trafton city park for only five dollars. I met another cyclist named Brad who started in Oregon and is heading to Virginia and then to Florida. Getting campsite ready and will cook with my Kelly Kettle tonight.

July 15 Malta to Glasgow, Montana

I had a good start to my day today. I was up at six and on the road at 7:30. I applied bug spray and sunscreen before I begin. I rode all the way to Saco Flats before taking a break. I saw about 20 cycle is going to Seattle riding for MS. I stopped for lunch in Hinsdale around two. I talked  to the caretaker at the American Legion in Hinsdale. They have a building but not open for any services. I continue down the road. Soon Brad the other cyclists from caught up with me. We both decided to go to the Trails West campground in Glasgow Montana. I got in the pool to cool down and then set up my tent. I cooked  dinner on the Kelly Kettle. I then took a shower and went to bed.

4655 miles down.

July 2 – July 8

July 2 Springy Point Campground to Sam Owen Campground, Clark Fork, Idaho

I had a good ride today in the beginning. I started around 10 because I new that I only had 27 miles to ride. The ride started with a great ride across the river into Sandpoint. I was able to ride on the old road turned into a bike trail. After reaching Sandpoint, I rode on Highway 200 for a long time. I then went over the 4,000 mile marker for my tour. When I stopped to take the picture, it began to thunder and lightning. I put my rain gear on and kept riding. It poured down rain for several hours. At one point it was even hailing pea sized balls. I finally made it to Hope, Idaho and stopped for lunch. After lunch, I had a flat tire on my trailer. A few men at the diner helped me repair it. I got back on the road and only had 4 miles to go. I got to the campground, set up my campsite, took a walk around, started a fire, and ate dinner.

July 3 Sam Owen Campground to Two Rivers RV Park, Noxon, Montana

Today was a great day. I got up early at 6 and was packed up and ready before 7. I then went down to the beach to get cell reception. I sat on a bench and noticed it was carved C+G. These are both my wife’s and my initials. As I was leaving the beach, I found a little pink heart bead on the ground. I look at these as signs from God. I finally got started at 8 and stayed on Highway 200 for just a little while. I then took an alternate route. This was a nice road with very little traffic. When I got back on Highway 200, I noticed that it had rained. I then rode the last 6 miles to the Two Rivers RV Park. I set up my campsite and met another couple that were camping. Both of them were veterans. They ended up buying me some firewood. I cooked dinner, took a shower, and stayed next to the fire. I almost forgot to mention, I am in Montana, my 8th State. Yeah.

July 4 Two Rivers to Fireman’s Park Campground, Libby, Montana

I had a good start to my day. I was in the trike just before 9. I rode 35 miles on Highway 56. I didn’t see any bears but only a few deer. There were also 25 crosses on the road for people that have died there. I made it to Highway 2 and was headed to Libby. Then my trailer tire had a major blow out and I had to get a ride to town. A gentleman gave me a lift to the Fireman’s RV Park. I then went to Ace Hardware and bought a new tire. It’s all changed and ready to go. I then went to the grocery store and bought a steak to grill out. There weren’t any fireworks in Libby so after dinner, I went to bed. Happy 4th everyone.

July 5 Libby to Rocky Gorge Campground, Eureka, Montana

I had a late start today due to some minor maintenance. I ended up getting another new tire for the other wheel of my trailer and I also bought 2 slime tubes. I then stopped at the store to get a hot breakfast and some donuts. I started at 10:30 and had a beautiful ride heading towards Libby Dam. I stayed on back roads with less traffic. I entered on the West side of the river and rode directly in front of the dam. I then started a long slow climb and ended up on the East side above the dam. I then rode on highway 37 with a dang rumble strip. The shoulder width also varied a lot and I had many climbs. I ate a late lunch/early dinner at a marina. I arrived at Rocky Gorge and paid my $5. I stepped into the river and it was ice cold. I set up campsite and went to bed. Seven hours on the trike today. Another long day tomorrow.

July 6 Rocky Gorge to Jerry’s Saloon and RV Park, Fortine, Montana

I had a tough ride today. Many uphills. I started at 9:30. Temperatures went up to near 90 today. I rode for a while on Highway 37 then turned to back country roads. I saw a buffalo ranch along the way. There was very little traffic but so many hills. I rode on Highway 93 and came to Jerry’s Saloon and RV Park. I only planned to get something to eat and did not know that they allowed tent camping. I ended up meeting a man named Bobby who paid for my meal and then met the owner Craig who allowed me to camp for free. I ate my dinner, set up my tent, and was ready to sleep. New day tomorrow.

July 7 Fortine to Whitefish Lake State Park, Whitefish Montana

I had some minor mechanical issues today so I went to the Glacier Cyclery bike shop in Whitefish. Bobby was kind enough to make sure I got there safely. At the shop, Travis took great care of my trike. He discovered that my rear derailer was malfunctioning because a piece of my frame had sheared off and also because a pin in the derailer was bent. He was able to straighten the pin and there is still enough of my frame to keep it in place for now. He also changed out my chain and fixed a broken spoke. All said and done, $129. But it now works great and will allow me to head over the pass in a few days. I then went to the Whitefish State Park and got a spot for $10. Nice shower, built a fire to cook dinner, and had a good sleep, except for the occasional train noise. I am heading into town tomorrow to do laundry and then on the West Glacier.

July 8 Whitefish Lake to Glacier Campground, West Glacier

I had a busy day today. I started off early at 8 and headed to Whitefish. I stopped to do my laundry and then ate breakfast. I then got on the road heading towards West Glacier. I started on nice paved roads, then onto hard packed roads, then onto logging roads that were rough. I met another local couple and they gave me good directions. I continued on the logging roads in the middle of Bear country but soon was back on paved roads and civilization. I was told to make a lot of noise and that’s exactly what I did. I met another cyclist named Jennie and she rode with me for several miles. I then arrived at the Glacier Campground at 3:30. I ate an early dinner, watched TV, and took a shower. Relaxing night before going up the pass tomorrow.

4,259 miles down.