August 27 -September 2

August 27 Lockport, NY to Rochester, NY

I had a good ride today. I rode almost all the way on the Canalway Bike trail. I arrived at my host house around 5 PM. I had a great dinner of burgers, veggies, and fruit. We went out for ice cream. We had a great conversation about riding and family. Stephen  and his wife Ann our great host. His son Vinny was a joy to be around and showed me their chickens.

August 28 Rochester, NY to Sodus Point, NY

I had a good day today. I started out with a delicious breakfast prepared by Stephen . I then packed up and was on the trike by 815. Stephen rode with me to get me back on the Canalway  Bike trail. He Road 13 miles and then I was on my own. I stayed on the bike trail until Palmyra. I then stopped for lunch. After lunch, I went on country roads until I arrived at the South Shore RV Park just outside Sodus Point, New York. Camping here is only five dollars for cyclists. Before I even set up camp, a lady named Kelly brought me a cold drink. I then set up my tent site. Later, Kelly and her husband Bob came to talk with me. She then brought me dinner. I took my shower and went to bed.

August 29 Sodus Point, NY to Mexico, NY

I had a good ride today. I went over 7,000 miles for my tour. I started at eight and it was already hot. I rode  through the country but passed through a lot of small towns. A big storm came in so I tucked  into a diner for lunch. I arrived at the Dowie Dale Campground around six and was given a free spot. I set up camp and then went to Lake Ontario to cool down. The water was great. Then I was given a nice dinner of pasta and clam. It is going to rain all night. Trying to get some rest.

August 30 Mexico, NY to Boonville, NY

I had a hard, long ride today. It rained all night but stopped around 6:30 AM. I started around eight. I had a lot of climbs  today. I stopped for lunch at the Otter  Limit outside of Redfield. I got back on the trike around 2 and still had 39 miles to go. I finally arrived at the Styh’s Brown Barn Campground in Boonville. I was given a free night of camping. Ready to shower, eat, and get to bed.

August 31 Boonville, NY to Raquette Lake, NY

I had a good ride today. I started a little later than normal but was on the trike at 8:30. I had a lot of climbing today and it started to get my legs tired. I stopped for lunch in Old Forge and then stopped at the store to restock some supplies. I had another 23 miles to go. When I got to Inlet New York, I made a decision to ride on back roads instead of the highway. Big mistake. The pavement ended and the road turns to gravel. I then got to some big hills that I was unable to ride because of the soft ground. After pushing up those two big hills, it was pretty much downhill to town. I got to my host house around 615. Liz and Mark treated me to an excellent fish dinner. I was feed, took a shower, and slept outside in a lean-to. Very peaceful night.

September 1 Raquette Lake, NY to Newcomb, NY

I had a good ride today. I started later than normal because my host Liz made a fantastic breakfast. We had eggs, sausage, fruit, potatoes, bagels, and juice. What a great way to start the day. I got on the trike at 9:45. I quickly turned onto Highway 28 and stayed on that road all day. I stopped for lunch in Blue Mountain Lake. I then had a very long hill to climb. I stopped again in Long Lake. Once back on the road, I met two hikers that we’re going to Lake Placid. Blake and Cassie walked alongside me as I climbed yet another hill and we all shared about our different adventures. I only had 17 miles to go and began  to get some easier riding  roads. I turned off Highway 28 and stopped at the Lake Harris State Campground. I was allowed to camp for free. My tent is set up, heading to the beach for a quick dip, then to an early bed. No cell or Internet service tonight.

September 2 Newcomb, NY to Ticonderoga, NY

I had a good ride today. I started early at 7:45 and made good progress despite having several hills. I met another cyclist today name Lee. He has been on bike tour since 2015. He shared some stories and encouraged  me to ride strong. I made it to the campground that I had planned to stay but it was 4 miles off route and I had a big hill to go over. I decided to push on a little further than I had planned. A couple stopped me and gave me money for dinner. I ended up treating myself to a hotel stay at the Super 8 in Ticonderoga. While checking in, another couple talked  to me about my trip. I took a shower, went to Walmart, and looked at my route plans for the rest of the Northern Tier. Feeling great.

7,211 miles down.


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