September 3 – September 9

September 3 Ticonderoga, NY to Middlebury, VT

I had a good ride today. I slept in for some extra rest and then had a good breakfast. I loaded up and got going around 1030. I rode to the Ticonderoga Ferry and crossed Lake Champlain. I am now in Vermont, my 18th State. I then  rode on Highway 74. I had a lot of hills today and the heat came back today. The heat index of 100+ caused me to take more breaks. I stopped for lunch at some gas station and talk to a few people about my tour. I then continued and made it to Middlebury,  Vermont. Just outside town, it started to rain. It rained for about 30 minutes and then it got hot again. I stopped at the Rivers Bend Campground. I was given another free night of camping. Now to set up camp, take a shower, and rest my tired legs.

September 4 Middlebury, VT to Fryeburg, ME

I had a good day today. I started around nine and rode 8 1/2 miles to Bristol Vermont. I then drove a truck for 150 miles to Fryeburg, Maine. I did this for a few reasons.

1.  I am tired. 2. I am sore. 3. too many big climbs today.

I went through New Hampshire (19th) and then into Maine (20th State).

After getting to Fryeburg, I stopped for lunch at Subway. I then rode about 5 miles to my campground. I am staying at the Canal Bridge Family Campground. No more major mountains from here on. But, I still have plenty of climbs. I will leave early tomorrow so I can stop in the next town to do laundry. Feeling good. Going to try to rest and recover.


September 5 Fryeburg, ME to Poland, ME

I had a good ride today. I started around 730. I felt very encouraged today and seem to have a better mindset and positive spirit. I rode over several hills on my way to Bridgton. I stopped for lunch at McDonald’s and met a few veterans to share my story with. A lady who is a veteran and a suicide attempt survivor hugged me and told me how happy she was because of my trip. She now runs a suicide/PTSD prevention program. I then went to do my laundry. Not fun but something that needs to be done. I got back on the trike around one and planned  to stop in Naples. I felt so good I decided to push on. I stopped at the Hemlock Area Campground. I got another free night of camping. I soaked in the lake, took a shower, set up camp, and ate dinner. Great day.


September 6 Poland, ME to Brunswick, ME

I had a good ride today. I started at 8 and rode a lot on back roads. It was very hot and humid today. I stopped for an early lunch at Lewiston. I got back on the trike and was soon in a very bad thunderstorm. Sometime during the storm, I lost my map. I can’t believe that I lost a map. I waited for the rain to stop and then got back on the trike. Again on back country roads but now they were covered in tree debris. I was planning on camping tonight but instead I got a room at the American Best Value Inn in Brunswick. The hotel was the same price as the campground but at least I am inside and dry. I’m going to rest and then go eat some Mexican food.

September 7 Brunswick, ME to Rockport, ME

I had a good ride today. I started it 8 AM. I rode on Highway 1 for several miles. Another cyclist came up to me and said, “I can’t believe it you’re the Texas Triker.” He has been following me and my story for several months. I stopped for lunch and then continue down the road. A car pulled over to flag me down and asked me about my story. That’s when I met Winston and his wife Mary. They invited me to stay with them in Rockport Maine. I had a good dinner, shower, and a nice bed. These are some very nice people. Winston is a cyclist and Mary is a retired Army veteran.


September 8 Rockport, ME to Belfast, ME

I started early today at 7 AM. It was very cool but great for riding . I stopped at a store and shared my story with several people. I started back on the trike but something wasn’t right. I am having a minor issue with my trike. A police officer gave me a ride to Belfast. I am staying at the Fireside Inn and Suites. Will be here until Terra Trike sends  me a new trike. It seems like a major let down but Terra Trike is going above and beyond to get me back on the road. Very professional company.


September 9 Fireside Inn and Suites, Belfast, ME

I spent all day at the hotel. I am trying to stay calm and get a plan for next week. Terra Trike has decided to give me a brand new Gran Tourismo to keep me on my tour. Resting all day. I got laundry done. I arranged  for a truck to get me to the bike shop on Monday. Everything is going to work out. I am still positive and motivated to continue my tour and to complete my mission. I will be seeing my wife on Wednesday, September 12 and she is staying until Sunday. It’s going to be a great time.

7,554 miles down


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