July 16 – July 22

July 16 Glasgow to Wolf Point, Montana

I had another long ride today. I started at 7:30 and stopped in town to get drinks and breakfast. I talked to a man about Christian Warriors retreat center. I got back on the trike and soon another man named Jim stopped  me to talk about my Terra  Trike. After a few minutes, got back on the road. I turned off Highway 2 and took the Old Indian highway. Many rolling hills with the long climbs. I stayed on this road for 20 to 25 miles. I got back on Highway 2 and rode into Wolf Point. I stopped at the store for supplies but left quickly due to the locals grouping up around my trike. I rode another 6 miles to Steamboat Dry Goods. I met Carolyn and her daughter Olivia. I ate dinner and set up my camp and then took a shower. Great day.

July 17 Wolf Point to Circle, Montana

I had a good long ride today. I started at 7:30 AM and the first 2 miles went very well. Then I turned on Highway 13 and began with the hills. Overall, 41 Hills today with over 2000 feet of elevation gain. I stopped in Vida to refill water at the post office. I soon came to road construction. They were adding chip seal to the road which made it very difficult to ride. Tar was all over my tires and rocks continue to get stuck in my wheels and fenders. After several miles, finally got out of the construction area. I still had many hills and long climbs. I rode into Circle Montana and went to the Wooden Nickel for lunch and then to the Lunchbox for dessert. I went to the campground to relax, I did laundry, set up my tent, watched some TV. Ready for bed and another big climb tomorrow going to Glendive. I will stay with a host tomorrow night.

July 18 Circle to Glendive, Montana

I had a good ride today. I Left Circle, Montana at 8:30. Once I left town, I began to go up mini climbs, total of about 1200 feet of elevation gain over the first 15 miles. Once crossing the top, I then  began a nice downhill ride all the way to Glendive. I did have  just a few minor hills but nothing major. I stopped for lunch at a small place in Lindsay Montana. After getting back on the trike, again had good riding conditions with a nice shoulder and not much traffic. I did see two eagles on the fence off the road. I was able to take a picture before they flew away. I made it to my host family in Glendive around 4 PM. Jeremiah then showed me around town and I met some other veterans. We stopped at the store to resupply and then had dinner which was paddle fish. We watched a movie and then I went to bed. I am meeting with the Combat Veteran Motorcycle Association from North Dakota tomorrow morning. Very exciting.

July 19 Stayed in Glendive, Montana

I stayed in Glendive Montana all day today for rest. I’m at Chase Justice and the CVMA motorcycle  group from North Dakota. I then went to the American Legion Post 28. I then checked into the Super  8 motel. Great day.

July 20 Glendive to Medora, North Dakota

I had a good ride today. I left early at 8:30 and got on Interstate 94. I rode on I 94 for several miles and then came to the exit to Wilbaux.  I stopped for lunch at the tasty Treat and had a Montana melt sandwich with a rhubarb shake. I think got back on the trike in return to I 94. I soon came to North Dakota border. I then turned off I 94 in Beach North Dakota and followed old Highway 10 almost all the way to Medora. I got to the Red Trail Camp ground. I set up my tent, took a shower, ate pizza for dinner, and then went to bed. This is a crowded RV park. The wind had picked up. I hope dies down before the morning.

July 21 Medora to Dickinson, North Dakota

I had a very difficult ride today. Last night was rough. I didn’t get much sleep because of the loud people moving in. A lady and her husband came in around midnight to set up their tent. They were both rude and very loud. Then around 2:30 AM, another guy shows up with three barking dogs. Then his car alarm goes off around 4 AM. I couldn’t wait to leave there. Got on the road around 830. Hills headwind and heat all added up to a slow ride. I fought for all I was worth. I stopped for lunch in Bellfield. I then got back on the trike and was fighting 25 mile an hour headwind. I met a couple from New York name Erica and Ken. I finally got to Dickinson and went across town to the North Park campground. After setting up my tent a huge storm came in and it poured down for a few hours. Everything in my tent stayed  dry. The winds continue to blast. Hoping for a good morning. A guy name Scott took me into town last night for dinner. What a nice guy.

July 22 Dickinson to Glen Ullin, North Dakota

I had a great ride today. I got started at nine. Cooler weather today and a nice tailwind. I rode out of Dickinson on old Highway 10. I got to Richardton and ate lunch at Johnny’s café. After Richardton, I had a nice downhill and way less climbing. I crossed  the timeline and now I am on the same time as those in Texas. I continue to ride on smooth flat roads and got to the Glen Ullin Memorial Park and campground. I met a very nice family that was having a family reunion. They gave me dinner, fruit, and ice tea. I had a nice visit with the younger children. Very nice people. My camp is all set up and I am ready for bed. I will cross over 5000 miles tomorrow.

4978 miles down.


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