July 9 -July 15

July 9 Glacier Campground to Devil Creek Campground, Essex Montana

I had a nice ride today. I started around 10. I stop for breakfast and West glacier. I started making small climes and then some long slow climbs. I gained 1200 feet elevation. I stopped at the devil creek campground at 4:30. I met the camp host Roy and Sandi. They let me camp at their site, gave me a nice dinner, allowed me to take a shower, water, watch TV and have a great conversation all for free. Sandi is an amazing artist. (sandiworthington.com) Great night. Going over the pass tomorrow.

July 10 Devils Creek to Brownies Hostel and Bakery, East Glacier Village, Montana

Today was a great day. I started at nine. I had 8 miles and 1200 feet to go to get over the continental divide. I had a steady climb but made it to the top in less than two hours. Feeling super excited. I then began writing into East glacier. I stopped at Brownies Hostel and Bakery. Feeling great.

July 11 East Glacier to Cut Bank, Montana

I had a good day today. I slept until 8 AM then ate breakfast and packed up my gear. I didn’t start my ride until 11 today because my host won’t be home until after six. I had some nice down hills but also several climbs. Once I made it past Browning, I still had a few hills but long flats in between. I arrived in Cutbank Montana at 4:30 and averaged almost 9 mph today. I covered the 48 miles pretty easily. I feel great and I hope to have a good night. My host will be home around six. His family was great. I had baked stuffed chicken with cheese and asparagus, rice, and cheesecake. I had a full nights rest and then even had breakfast in the morning. Looking forward to a long day tomorrow. I hope the hills, the winds, and my knees cooperate together. Feeling good and strong.

July 12 Cut Bank to Chester City Park, Montana

I had an early start today. I got up and ate breakfast and was on the trike at 7:30. I was moving along well for the first 35 miles. Then slow down some for the next 15 miles. I then ran into road construction on highway two. The road was torn up with some major potholes for at least 10 to 15 miles. I stopped at a new grocery store near Galata. I eat lunch and then talk to a Vietnam Navy veteran about my tour. After lunch, I still had 5 miles of torn up Road. Finally back on good road and a nice shoulder I rode to Chester Montana. I went to dinner at Spud’s diner and was treated by another family. I then went to the city park for free camping. They had a bathroom and plenty of water. Trying for another long ride tomorrow.

July 13 Chester to Harlem, Montana

I got up early today to a bright sunny sky. I am feeling really good and have a slight tail wind and some big down hills. I think I will try for my century ride today. I rode 16 miles in to Havre and stopped for lunch. Only 43 miles to go and it’s only 2 PM. After lunch, got back on the road. I was pushing it for time because the shower and pool close at 8 PM. I arrived in Harlem at 7:45 PM and took a quick dip in the pool and then a nice hot shower. I did laundry and walk to the store to get dinner. I made it 104 miles today and 10 hours 31 minutes with an average speed of 9.8 mph. I am not planning on ever going that far again. I am tired, a little sore, and not sure how much that ride took out of me. It was 95° today so I had to drink a lot of fluids. Going to go back to shorter days starting tomorrow.

July 14 Harlem to Malta, Montana

I got up early today feeling pretty good after my 104 mile ride yesterday. I got up at 7:30. I took my time packing and then went to the store. Finally got on the trike at 9 AM. I had a very strong tailwind today and a high temp was only 71°. It made for a much more relaxing ride. I rode many miles of nothing but Montana farmland. Beautiful and peaceful. Much less traffic today.  I made it to Malta and went to the Dairy Queen for lunch. Shared my story with a man named Matt who was from Texas and used to go to school at the same college my daughter did. After lunch, I went to the Trafton city park for only five dollars. I met another cyclist named Brad who started in Oregon and is heading to Virginia and then to Florida. Getting campsite ready and will cook with my Kelly Kettle tonight.

July 15 Malta to Glasgow, Montana

I had a good start to my day today. I was up at six and on the road at 7:30. I applied bug spray and sunscreen before I begin. I rode all the way to Saco Flats before taking a break. I saw about 20 cycle is going to Seattle riding for MS. I stopped for lunch in Hinsdale around two. I talked  to the caretaker at the American Legion in Hinsdale. They have a building but not open for any services. I continue down the road. Soon Brad the other cyclists from caught up with me. We both decided to go to the Trails West campground in Glasgow Montana. I got in the pool to cool down and then set up my tent. I cooked  dinner on the Kelly Kettle. I then took a shower and went to bed.

4655 miles down.


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