July 2 – July 8

July 2 Springy Point Campground to Sam Owen Campground, Clark Fork, Idaho

I had a good ride today in the beginning. I started around 10 because I new that I only had 27 miles to ride. The ride started with a great ride across the river into Sandpoint. I was able to ride on the old road turned into a bike trail. After reaching Sandpoint, I rode on Highway 200 for a long time. I then went over the 4,000 mile marker for my tour. When I stopped to take the picture, it began to thunder and lightning. I put my rain gear on and kept riding. It poured down rain for several hours. At one point it was even hailing pea sized balls. I finally made it to Hope, Idaho and stopped for lunch. After lunch, I had a flat tire on my trailer. A few men at the diner helped me repair it. I got back on the road and only had 4 miles to go. I got to the campground, set up my campsite, took a walk around, started a fire, and ate dinner.

July 3 Sam Owen Campground to Two Rivers RV Park, Noxon, Montana

Today was a great day. I got up early at 6 and was packed up and ready before 7. I then went down to the beach to get cell reception. I sat on a bench and noticed it was carved C+G. These are both my wife’s and my initials. As I was leaving the beach, I found a little pink heart bead on the ground. I look at these as signs from God. I finally got started at 8 and stayed on Highway 200 for just a little while. I then took an alternate route. This was a nice road with very little traffic. When I got back on Highway 200, I noticed that it had rained. I then rode the last 6 miles to the Two Rivers RV Park. I set up my campsite and met another couple that were camping. Both of them were veterans. They ended up buying me some firewood. I cooked dinner, took a shower, and stayed next to the fire. I almost forgot to mention, I am in Montana, my 8th State. Yeah.

July 4 Two Rivers to Fireman’s Park Campground, Libby, Montana

I had a good start to my day. I was in the trike just before 9. I rode 35 miles on Highway 56. I didn’t see any bears but only a few deer. There were also 25 crosses on the road for people that have died there. I made it to Highway 2 and was headed to Libby. Then my trailer tire had a major blow out and I had to get a ride to town. A gentleman gave me a lift to the Fireman’s RV Park. I then went to Ace Hardware and bought a new tire. It’s all changed and ready to go. I then went to the grocery store and bought a steak to grill out. There weren’t any fireworks in Libby so after dinner, I went to bed. Happy 4th everyone.

July 5 Libby to Rocky Gorge Campground, Eureka, Montana

I had a late start today due to some minor maintenance. I ended up getting another new tire for the other wheel of my trailer and I also bought 2 slime tubes. I then stopped at the store to get a hot breakfast and some donuts. I started at 10:30 and had a beautiful ride heading towards Libby Dam. I stayed on back roads with less traffic. I entered on the West side of the river and rode directly in front of the dam. I then started a long slow climb and ended up on the East side above the dam. I then rode on highway 37 with a dang rumble strip. The shoulder width also varied a lot and I had many climbs. I ate a late lunch/early dinner at a marina. I arrived at Rocky Gorge and paid my $5. I stepped into the river and it was ice cold. I set up campsite and went to bed. Seven hours on the trike today. Another long day tomorrow.

July 6 Rocky Gorge to Jerry’s Saloon and RV Park, Fortine, Montana

I had a tough ride today. Many uphills. I started at 9:30. Temperatures went up to near 90 today. I rode for a while on Highway 37 then turned to back country roads. I saw a buffalo ranch along the way. There was very little traffic but so many hills. I rode on Highway 93 and came to Jerry’s Saloon and RV Park. I only planned to get something to eat and did not know that they allowed tent camping. I ended up meeting a man named Bobby who paid for my meal and then met the owner Craig who allowed me to camp for free. I ate my dinner, set up my tent, and was ready to sleep. New day tomorrow.

July 7 Fortine to Whitefish Lake State Park, Whitefish Montana

I had some minor mechanical issues today so I went to the Glacier Cyclery bike shop in Whitefish. Bobby was kind enough to make sure I got there safely. At the shop, Travis took great care of my trike. He discovered that my rear derailer was malfunctioning because a piece of my frame had sheared off and also because a pin in the derailer was bent. He was able to straighten the pin and there is still enough of my frame to keep it in place for now. He also changed out my chain and fixed a broken spoke. All said and done, $129. But it now works great and will allow me to head over the pass in a few days. I then went to the Whitefish State Park and got a spot for $10. Nice shower, built a fire to cook dinner, and had a good sleep, except for the occasional train noise. I am heading into town tomorrow to do laundry and then on the West Glacier.

July 8 Whitefish Lake to Glacier Campground, West Glacier

I had a busy day today. I started off early at 8 and headed to Whitefish. I stopped to do my laundry and then ate breakfast. I then got on the road heading towards West Glacier. I started on nice paved roads, then onto hard packed roads, then onto logging roads that were rough. I met another local couple and they gave me good directions. I continued on the logging roads in the middle of Bear country but soon was back on paved roads and civilization. I was told to make a lot of noise and that’s exactly what I did. I met another cyclist named Jennie and she rode with me for several miles. I then arrived at the Glacier Campground at 3:30. I ate an early dinner, watched TV, and took a shower. Relaxing night before going up the pass tomorrow.

4,259 miles down.


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