July 23 – July 29

July 23 Glen Ullin to Mandan, North Dakota

I had a good ride today. I started early. I rode on Highway 136 on paved roads but it turned  to gravel for 10 miles. Once back on pavement, I stopped for lunch in New Salem. I also passed the 5000 mile mark for my tour. After lunch, continued on to Mandan. I had a room at the Baymont Inn thanks to Connie Olson and her husband. I also had a visit from Gunner and Kevin from the CVMA. They gave me a patch for my jacket and  a CVMA sticker for my trike. I then went to my host house for dinner. Connie and Lief Olson treated me to a homemade chicken pot pie. I also had a TV interview with KX TV news out of Mandan. I’m always spreading the word for the veterans. This is been an awesome day..

July 24 ManDan to Hazelton, North Dakota

I had a good ride today. I started around eight. The first 15 or so miles was on the bike trail. And then rode on a nice shoulder on Highway 1084. Then I turned on a country road with no shorter but very little traffic. I then turned onto Highway 83 and got to Hazelton around 5 PM. I ate at the Road Hawg  Inn and then set my tent up in the city park. I took a shower, got some water, and had electricity.

July 25 Hazelton to Gackle, North Dakota

I had a good long ride today. I started at eight and got on highway 34. I wrote on this highway until I got to Napoleon. I went into town and ate lunch at the White Maid restaurant. After lunch, got back on Highway 34. I ended up on highway 34 almost 60 miles for the day. I then turned the last 6 miles into a strong crosswind and some big hills.  I made it to the Honey Hub of Gackle around 6:30 PM. This is a very nice place with inside bed, shower, laundry, and it’s totally free. They also have a wide variety of snacks and drinks for purchase. They also sell honey stinger energy products. I am looking forward to a hot shower and relaxing for the evening. I also had a phone interview with the newspaper from my hometown today. I can’t wait to get to Ohio for my 30th high school reunion. Less than 1000 miles to go. I am looking for a 70+ mile ride tomorrow if the winds and roads are good.

July 26 Rest day in Gackle.

I had such a good sleep last night that when I got up I felt like I needed to take a tour total day off for rest. My mind wanted to get on the trike but my body said take a break. I met another couple that were from New Zealand today that our cycling towards the west. I rested, filled up on fluids, and ate a pizza. Will get back on the road tomorrow for a long nice ride.

July 27 Gackle to Enderlin, North Dakota

I had a great ride today. I got up and on the trike by 7:15. I rolled over several up-and-down Hills. I stayed on Highway 46 all day. After about 50 miles, I came to a new café and had lunch. After lunch, I continued all the way into Enderlin and I am camping at the city park. I saw about 20 cyclist today heading towards Washington state. Once I got to the park around 4:30, I met a couple who were at the park on their golf cart. I shared with them about my tour and the reasons behind it. They left but soon after, another guy shows up on the same golf cart. He was the dad. He gave me a donation and I gave him a big hug. Cooking dinner with the Kelly kettle. Now to get some rest.


July 28 Enderlin to Moorhead, Minnesota

I had a good ride today. I started early at 7:30 AM and got on highway 46. I was riding at around a 10 mph pace for most of the day. I then turned  off onto country roads and then onto a bike path outside Fargo North Dakota. I stayed on the bike path through town and almost all the way to my host house in Moorhead, Minnesota. This is the 10th state that I have entered in. This is also my halfway point on my total tour. I set up camp, took a shower, and sat outside to take a rest. I soon met my host daughter and their dog. I then walked  to town for dinner. I ended up buying a sub from the store, some potato salad, ice cream, and Powerade. I met my host family later that evening and we talked for a while. They are a really nice family. I got a great nights sleep and I am staying in town for a second day to take the trike in for some minor tuneup’s.

July 29 Moorhead, Minnesota

I had a scheduled bike maintenance day in Fargo.  My day started with a fresh baked quiche for breakfast. I then rode to the Great Northern Bicycle Company back in Fargo, North Dakota. Alex took great care of my trike today. He cleaned up my chain, my sprocket, my front gears, and replaced  the brake cable and adjusted my derailer. I also bought a brand new pair of cycling shoes. I then went to the American Legion and visited there. I then ate dinner at the Frying Pan. And now I am packed up and ready to go for tomorrow to Pelican Rapids, Minnesota.

5,294 miles down



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