July 30 – August 5

July 30 Fargo, North Dakota to Pelican Rapids, Minnesota

I had a long ride today. I started early at 7:30 AM. I rode on Highway 52 out of Moorhead Minnesota. I then turned on to county roads. Some of those roads had just been recently repaved. This made for a smooth roads but the roads were also very hot. I stopped for lunch in Cormorant. After lunch, I was moving my trike and trailer away from the restaurant and ran over a piece of broken beer bottle and got a flat tire on my trailer. The tire was fixed and I was back on the road. I then only had 13 miles to go to get to Pelican Rapids. I am staying at the Sherin  Park and Campground. Nice shower, electricity, and a nice place for a tent. I met Mike, a former retired staff sergeant from the army.

July 31 Pelican Rapids, Minnesota to Brandon, Minnesota

I had a longer than expected ride today. I got up and was on the trike by 7:15 AM. I stopped at the first store and got some breakfast. I rode for several miles before finally coming to the bike trails in Ferguson Falls. I then rode on the bike trail all day long. They had a good surface but I had a crosswind and a gradual uphill all day. I stopped at the Welty Outpost for a late lunch/dinner. I ate pizza and talked  to some folks about my tour. I still had 13 miles to go. I finally made it to the Chippewa Park. I took a swim before setting up my camp. I then took a shower. My tent is all set up and I have good neighbors that invited me over to eat hotdogs with them. I’m going to bed soon.

August 1 Brandon, Minnesota to Bowlus, Minnesota

I had a good long ride today. I started around 8 AM due to some early morning rain. I got on the bike  trail and stayed on this trail until Albany Minnesota. I then turned onto another bike path all the way to Bowlus . I met a German cyclist  named Walter who was doing is 8th tour in the United States. I also met a lady named Diane from Freeport Minnesota who rode with me for several miles. I had a good wind today in a slightly downhill ride. I made it to my host house and Bowlus, Minnesota around 7:15 PM. We sat by the fire and had a good conversation. I then set up my tent, took a shower, and then relaxed. We ate burgers and homemade potatoes for dinner. I had a good night and the hosts are amazing. Very good people. Looking forward to a great sleep. I am missing my wife tonight because this is our 31st wedding anniversary but only the second time we have not been together. See her soon.

August 2 Bowlus, Minnesota to Dalbo, Minnesota

I had a good ride today. I started the day with some eggs for breakfast. I got on the trike at 8 AM and road all day on the country roads. I stopped for lunch at the Grub and Pub in Ramey Minnesota. I then continued on my trip and came to Milaca. I was stopped on the side of the road for a newspaper interview. This was done by a reporter who is also an army reservist. I then went to DQ for a treat and I had 18 miles to go. I arrived at the Adventure Cyclist Bunkhouse outside of Dalbo Minnesota around 7 PM. I am the only one here right now.  Trying to rest and I will ice my knee down tonight. Time to take a shower and watch the Hall of Fame football game. I will fix dinner and get ready for another long ride tomorrow. I hope my knee feels better better.

August 3 Dalbo, Minnesota to Anamosa, Iowa

I was not feeling very good to start this ride today. My knee was sore, my legs are tired, and the weather is bad. I rode to Stark Minnesota to get lunch. I met a lady who paid for my lunch and took several business cards for her family. I then rode to Harris Minnesota. The storms started coming in.  I then went to Rush City and met a man who wanted to keep me safe and give me rest so he gave me a lift all the way to Anamosa Iowa. My new friend Connie also paid for two nights at the Super 8 hotel. People are very nice out in this world. They are also willing to help me out. This was an answer to many people’s prayers today. I am feeling more rested and my knee is getting better.

August 4 Anamosa, Iowa

Today was a day for rest, refuel, and resupply. Back on the trail tomorrow.

August 5 Onslow, Iowa to Muscatine, Iowa

Today was a very tough day. It was raining hard and the wind was blowing hard. I waited until around 930 to get started on the trike. I rode into a strong headwind or cross wind all day. I had many rolling hills. My knee is still sore but it’s not something that I can’t handle. I made it to Bennett Iowa around 3:30 PM and stop for lunch at TJ’s. I then continued down the road. I met a lady name Melanie who was waiting  by the side of the road with a nice cold bottle of water. She told me that her friend had seen me and called ahead. I shared with her about my tour and gave her a business card. She said that she has many veterans in her life and she is going to pass on my story to others. I then continued  down the road and finally made it to Muscatine. I am staying at a Warmshowers  host. I took a shower, ate dinner, and relaxed. Last day in Iowa today. My 12 state.


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