My Trailer and my Gear


Here is a picture of what my trailer will look like for my bike tour. I have a nice solar panel on top of my trailer which will allow me to keep my main battery power packs fully charged. On the back of my trailer, I have attached my two On-Guard U-Locks that will be used when I am off of my trike. If you look closely, you will notice that I have two red tail lights attached to the sides of my trailer as well as a larger tail light that is attached to the bed of my trailer. I also have a triangular safety flag that is very reflective. My trailer has 20″ wheels and is capable of holding up to 180 pounds of supplies.

Inside my trailer, I have a blue folded ground mat that is really compact and light but gives me good cushion while laying on the ground.

The next picture is of my dry bag that contains all of my clothes. Inside that big bag is several smaller dry bags. Inside these bags, I have one that has 7 jerseys, one that has 7 pairs of shorts, one that has 7 pairs of compression shorts, one that has 10 pairs of socks, and one that has 7 face shields to protect me from the sun. Also inside that big dry bag is my rain coat, rain pants, and Sealz socks. I also have one pair of dress pants and a dress shirt for when I am attending church or site seeing. I also have a pair of sweatpants and a hoodie. That’s a lot of clothing all inside this great dry bag.

The next picture is my brand new tablet that I will be using to post my blogs and upload and edit videos for my YouTube channel. This tablet is a Insignia with a 10.1″ screen. It is exactly the size I need and seems to do a pretty good job.

The next picture is my bike pump. This is a pump that has the option to pump up the various types of tires for both the Presta Valve and the Shrader Valve. It also has a large pressure gauge to help me get the exact pressure that I need.

The next picture of my three extra tires for my Trike. These are the Schwalbe Marathon tires. These tires last a very long time and should help me get around several miles for my trip.

The next picture is my Igloo soft sided backpack cooler. This cooler is small but is exactly what I needed to fit into the space of my trailer. It has an interior space that holds enough food and this thing stays cool for  a long time.

The next picture is my cookware. This is a nice set of items that is exactly the right size for just me. This set includes a fry pan, a pot for cooking my rice or potatoes, two foldable sporks, a wooden spoon, two small bowls, a pot gripper, and a small grill top for my Kelly Kettle. This all stacks together and packs into a small bag.

The next picture is my bike cables that will be used with my U-locks to secure my trike when I have to go into a store or while I may be site seeing. The longer cable is long enough to go through my trailer tires and lock around my bike frame. I also have 2 shorter cables that will go through each of my front tires and around my frame. I realize that no bike locking system is guaranteed against theft but at least they will have to put some work into it. LOL

The next picture is my tent. This is a camouflage colored tent which will help me stay concealed when I need to do some stealth camping. This is a two man tent which will give me some extra room but it has such a low profile so I can set it up by myself and take it down quickly when needed.

The next two pictures are of my Kelly Kettle cook system. This is the smallest option called the Trekker. It holds about 3 cups of water and will boil water in around 4 minutes. This is a rocket stove style cook system and I can use any type of material to burn so I don’t have to have any special fuels. All you have to do is start a fire in the base, set the filled Kelly Kettle on the flames and wait a few minutes for boiling water. Most of my meals are basically only going to require me to add boiling water so this system works best for me.

The last picture is all my extra gear. I have a fully stock First Aid Kit. Hopefully I will not have to use that much but I have it just incase. I have a package of fire starter sticks and a box of glow sticks. I have a small battery powered speaker system that I can just plug my phone into for a boost of sound. No ear buds should be used while biking for safety reasons. I also have a brand new cool towel that I may have to use during those hotter days. I have a bar of soap and a small flashlight. I also have 4 extra tubes for my trailer tires. These tires are the same size as the ones on my trike but a different type.

Everything shown above fits nicely in my trailer. The only extra items that I will be carrying that are not shown above are as follows: toilet paper, trash bags, zip lock bags, my personal hygiene items and my food. I will be carrying 2 gallons of extra water which will fit nicely inside my trailer. I have a small plastic drawer that also has a specific spot in my trailer that will hold enough food for several meals. I will be eating packaged foods like Idahoan Potatoes, Tuna Pouches, Knorr Rices and Sides, Pop Tarts, Granola Bars, and Peanut butter/Cheese Crackers.

I am not sure how much this trailer weighs but it is well under 100 pounds, probably closer to 75 pounds. This trailer pulls very nicely behind my trike and is very easy to load and unload. Stayed tuned for some videos within the next few weeks. Thank you.

I Ride For Those Who Can No Longer Ride



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