My Go Bag

Hello everyone. This week I am going to explain to you the different items that I will be carrying with me on my trike. This is what I call my Go Bag. This bag is clipped on the back of my seat rack and will go with me every time that I am off my bike. This bag is very important to the success of my bike tour.

Starting on the right side outer pocket: I have a chain repair tool and kit, set of Allen keys, tire levers, 2 multi-tools, tire patch kit, and Terra Trike mini tool kit.

The next pocket: 1 pad lock and extra keys for my bike U-Locks.

The middle pocket: an extra head light and tail light and 2 pens.

The next pocket: my Ion Air Pro Lite Action camera with built in WIFI, my bike computer that will keep track of my speed, distance, and total mileage, and 2 mini USB micro charging cables.

The left end pocket: bike chain lube, 2 extra chain idlers, hand sanitizer, carabiner, and small tape measure.

Inside the bag: medium and small zip ties, roll of yellow duct tape, roll of black electrical tape, lighter, 2 extra power banks, 6 extra tire tubes, Christian Warrior Retreat brochures, 2 small books, and my business/information cards.

As you can see, I have received 500 business/information cards to hand out to those I meet along my routes to explain who I am and why I am trying to raise awareness for PTSD and raise money for the Christian Warriors Retreat.

On the outside of my Go Bag, I will have three different solar power charging devices to help keep my power banks powered. These solar banks and the power banks will help keep my phone, camera, and tablet charged to keep everyone updated on my tour.

Finally, you will noticed that I have my sunglasses case attached to the outside of my Go Bag. This case contains several extra lenses that I will be using depending on the weather conditions. It is very important to always wear eye protection to protect your eyes from wind, dust, bugs, and anything else that may cause harm.

As you can see, this is just a simple storage bag that I believe is essential for my success. I continue to prepare for my bike tour and am getting very excited. Continue reading my blogs and follow me on Facebook. Stay tuned for next week as I write a blog covering all the items that I will be taking on my tour that are contained in my trailer. If you would like to donate, please go to my Facebook page at Gregory Hook and click on my GoFundMe Account or donate directly at Thank you.

I Ride For Those Who Can No Longer Ride.


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