First week of trike tour



Interesting first day. I started in La Grange, TX at 9:00 am. I was making great progress at 12mph or more until I got to the Buescher State Park. Nothing but problems after that. Hills, hills, and more hills. I actually had to get off my trike and push everything up hill at least 10 times. Very steep. The bigger problem was the downhills. I had issues with my trailer wheels. Very wobbly. Almost flipped twice. Very scary. Not looking forward to the next several days. One of my roads was closed down and I had to take a detour. What a hidden blessing that was. Ended up finding American Legion Post 533 in Bastrop, TX. They gave me a free dinner, had a safe yard for me to camp, and gave me a ride to a bike shop in Austin the next morning. Getting some good rest tonight. Going to get my trike and trailer fixed up tomorrow. Trying to stay positive. 40 miles down. Better things to come.


Second day started early in Bastrop. Got a ride to Easy Street Recumbents in Austin. Got to bike shop around 9 am thanks to Jim Warren but they didn’t open until 11. No worries. Sat with my trike until Mike from Easy Street showed up. He started working right away. Found out that my brake rotors were installed backwards, my rear derailer needed adjustment, and he added some low rider storage solutions bags to my trike. He then tried to fix my trailer wheels. Anita interviewed me and did a live Facebook event. At 3:00, they were finally done. Mike did an awesome job. I left half my gear at his shop. I got on my trike and pedaled through downtown Austin all the way to Cedar Valley, TX. Camped in the ditch next to the road. It rained a little, I heard a rattle snake, and I got some rest. 61 miles down.BF1E438F-35C6-4681-8FCB-EBADFD0B5EAC

Woke up on the third day with a flat trailer tire due to another broken spoke. Changed the tire and packed up camp. Started heading down the road with a wobbly trailer. I need a new one bad. I ran out of water just before getting to Johnson City. Another biker named Jonathan gave me a full water bottle. I started getting cramps everywhere. I made it to Johnson City and went to the DQ to charge my devices and try to eat something. I made an emotional video. I stayed at DQ for 1 and half hours. I still had 10 miles to go to get to Sandy, TX. I again camped on the side of a country road. My body is sore and still dehydrated. I had many bad dreams. A cold front came in during the night. What an answer to prayer. 101 miles down.

Day 4 started out at only 40• with a strong head wind. I rested until 10:30 before getting on the road. I saw 10 ladies in a cycling group headed East towards Florida. Very motivational. I pedaled all day into the head winds and mostly up hill. Legs handled them all. I am getting stronger. I saw many deer, longhorn, and goat farms. I took my time and did what I had to do. I talked with a bike rider from Canada who then donated $10 to my cause. When I finally made it to Fredericksburg, my wife Cindy was waiting for me with a brand new trailer. Yes! We stayed the night at the Budget Inn and ate a delicious pasta meal at Bella’s Pasta. I had a nice bed, good shower, amazing rest, and spent time repacking my new trailer. Ready for the world. 129 miles down.

Day 5. Cindy was nice enough to give me a ride passed some tough climbs all the way to Camp Wood, TX (I know my limits and I have a long way to go). We stopped in Kerrville to meet Janice and Fred from Warmshowers to let them know that I would not be staying with them. They were both so nice. They still provided us a home cooked lunch and we spent some time talking and sharing. After leaving there, we drove through Leakey, TX. What a beautiful drive. I am glad that I was in the car instead of climbing those three big hills. We are now in a cabin at Los Rios Campground. It’s a cute little cabin. Ate a good dinner, reorganized my storage bags to make room for more fluids. Feeling very good and looking forward to getting back on the trike tomorrow.

I Ride For Those Who Can No Longer Ride


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