Week 2 – April 6 – 15



What a great day! My new trailer worked perfectly. I got on the road in Camp Wood around 9. My wife followed me for the first 15 miles. Very smooth and easy pulling trailer is a game changer. I rode to Ft. Clark Springs Campground in Bracketville. 6 hours and done. This is a beautiful park. I got my campsite set up, took a nice hot shower, and was relaxing with some TV and a MRE. Another camper brought me a plate of food. Feeling super motivated. My hydration was good today. I only saw one other couple cycling toward Florida on a tandem upright bike. Cindy needs to get ready for my next trip. I have a long day tomorrow. Going to make it, I’m sure.


Bracketville to Seminole Canyon State Park- 72 miles. Had a very long day but covered some good ground. Nice ride with many hills and a great tailwind. I got a sunburn on my legs. I saw a lot of sites today but didn’t take many pictures. Only saw one other couple headed towards Florida. I stayed hydrated but need to eat better. Camp is quiet and peaceful. I’m going to eat dinner and go to bed. I had a minor issue with my chain today but should be able to fix it with some adjustment. Trying to keep moving. 249 miles down.

Seminole Canyon State Park to Langtry 20 miles. I had a short day today. Almost everyone said to stay in Langtry and relax. I had free camping, fee water, and a lot of rest. I had a great tailwind today. Feeling good and getting stronger for the long days ahead. I am going to tour this museum today. Eating better and staying hydrated. 269 miles down.

Langtry to Sanderson- 60 miles. I had a good day of riding today. I left Langtry at 8:30 and planned to be in Sanderson by 6 (got there at 6:30). Met a couple of good people today. A retired Air Fotce man today named Darrel. He stopped and gave me a bottle of water, an energy drink, and then prayed over me. He lives in El Paso and took one of my cards to pass along to all his veterans. I ate dinner at the Ranch House in Sanderson. I set up camp at the Canyon RV Park and took a shower. Still doing good on energy level and hydration. 329 miles down.


I woke up early and was met by Sonny Adauto. He took me to his house and made me some sandwiches. He then showed me around town and invited me to stay the night. The rest of the day was a rest day in Sanderson. Yeah!

Sanderson to Marathon- 55 miles. I started the day off with breakfast at American Legion Post 160 in Sanderson. Good people. I got on my trike at 8. Nice ride at the start of the day but then got hit with a headwind. All day was a slight uphill and the last half into the headwind. I still made it to Marathon before 6. Stayed at the Marathon Motel and RV Park. Nice little campsite. I took a hot shower, ate dinner, and drank my water. Wind is still blowing and temperatures are dropping. Predicting to be 40 tonight. I’m feeling good and staying strong. Some more hills tomorrow but shouldn’t be too bad. One pedal at a time. 384 miles down.

Marathon to Fort Davis- 55 miles. I had a good ride today. Cold this morning (38). I had to dress extra warm. I had an elevation gain of 1000 feet during the first 30 miles to Alpine. Started today at 8:30 and arrived in Alpine at 1:45. Finally went to a grocery store. I left Alpine at 3:30 to ride to Fort Davis. I got to the Overland Trail Campground at 7:30. I set up camp, took a shower, and cooked a hot meal with my Kelly Kettle. I had another 1000 foot elevation gain between Alpine and Fort Davis . I was able to handle the climbs today. Getting stronger but I am looking to an alternate route tomorrow to avoid a really big climb. 439 miles down.


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