Day 13 – 19

Day 13 April 16, 2018 Today was a really tough riding day. I spent from 10:00 to 3:00 fighting headwinds and a steady up hill drag and was ready to stop for the day because I had only went about 20 miles. I said a prayer to ask for either calmer winds or some downhill. I rode up one more slight incline and then had downhills for the next 15 miles. Wow. What an answer to my prayer. I meet a couple of nice people who made a donation. They also told me that they had a lot of friends along my route. I was going to stop in Valentine, TX but couldn’t find a place. It was sure good to be back on highway 90 with some smooth roads. Still feeling good.

Day 14, April 17. I rode from just outside Valentine to Van Horn. Highway 90 was smooth and fast. The wind picked up later and riding was a little tougher. I got to the campground only to find that no tent camping was allowed. Ended up at Motel 6. I did meet my first cyclist that was headed West. His name is Nathan and he has been on tour since February. It was good to talk with him. I was stopped on highway 90 to do an interview with the Van Horn Advocate. I am always trying to share my story. Under a wind advisory for the rest of the day. Predicted to have a tailwind tomorrow.

Day 15, April 18. What a great day! I started at 9 and was in Sierra Blanca by 12:30. I ate lunch at Subway and talked to a lot of people. After leaving Sierra Blanca, I had about 5-6 miles of a slight incline followed by about 12 miles of downhill. I had to control my speed but didn’t have to pedal much that entire time. Then I had to push my trike and trailer across all four lanes of I-10. What a rush! Found out that GearJunkie did a big story about me and it was all over the internet. That’s awesome. I checked into the hotel at Fort Hancock. Feels great to do a long ride and get to my location early. Helps that I gained an hour crossing a time zone. I am only riding 40 miles to El Paso to go to American Legion Post 598 tomorrow. It should be a great day.

Day 16, April 19. I had a good ride today. Started at 9 and had a smooth, downhill ride for several miles. Nice tailwind and a steady push towards El Paso. I stopped in Tornillo and talked to a lady that has a son suffering from PTSD. I gave her a card and told her to send him to Retreat. I got to the American Legion at 2 but they don’t open until 5. I met a lot of amazing people and everyone wanted to help me out. Ended up being hosted by Carla. She fixed me dinner, let me do my laundry, and gave me a place to sleep. She is also going to get me safely past El Paso.

Day 17, rest day in Horizon City

Day 18, April 21. I had a really good ride today. Carla got me past El Paso and back on course. I made it to New Mexico. That’s right, I am in New Mexico. I had a slight headwind today but a beautiful ride with good scenery. Many pecan plantations and other farms. I arrived in Las Cruces at 2. I am staying at a Warmshowers host house. Susan and Dan are terrific people. They have 2 dogs that I was able to play with and love on. We went out to eat at a fantastic Mexican restaurant. I am feeling good and refreshed. Super excited to be in another state and continuing on with my dream trip. Praying for good tailwinds for the next few days.

Day 19, April 22 Las Cruces to Arrey, NM I had a great day today. Started with homemade blueberry pancakes and then on the trike at 9. I saw many more pecan plantations today and started seeing acres of onion fields. I made it to Hatch, NM and saw all the fields of peppers that were growing. I received a message from my friend Keith Jackson and he said that he was going to pay for my campsite tonight. Awesome. I arrived at the Arrey RV Park a little before 5. They already had a tent set up for me and plenty of food and drinks. I ate a hot dinner, took a shower, and watched some TV. Looking forward to a shorter day tomorrow (only 32 miles) in preparation for my big mountain pass on Tuesday.

866 miles down. Feeling good and strong.

I Ride For Those Who Can No Longer Ride


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