April 23 – May 4 2018



April 23

Hard day. All uphill into a headwind. I ate lunch in Hillsboro at the General Store. A couple from Colorado paid for my meal. I am staying at a lodge called Black Range Lodge thanks to Keith and Michelle Jackson. Met some very nice people here. Emory Pass tomorrow. I love you all.


April 24

I has a good, hard ride today. I got up Emory Pass and saw some amazing views st 8,228 feet. Very fast downhill for several miles. Then some long, slow climbs. I met a lot of great people today. Ran out of energy with about 12 miles to go to Silver City. Thanks to Denise and Russ for checking on me and helping me out. Went to Motel 6 in Silver City. Ate at the Chinese Palace. Good food and service. I did my laundry and had a good talk with Cindy. It really boosted my spirits. I have a long 78 mile ride tomorrow but most downhill after the first 20 miles. Feeling good and strong.


April 25

Had a lot of up and downs exciting Silver City for about the first 28 miles. Met 6 people that just finished hiking the Contenital Divide. Once I crossed the Divide, I had almost 10 miles of riding that I never had to pedal. I turned onto highway 70 and only had 11 miles to go until I hit the 1,000 mile marker for my trip. I am now in my third state and getting stronger. I stayed in a very old teardrop trailer outside the Simpson Hotel in Duncan, Arizona. The camper rocked side to side and made me feel like I was o a boat. Bed was very comfy so I wasn’t complaining. Ate a calzone at the Humble Pie. The owners son is in the Navy and counsels other veterans that are suffering from the effects of PTSD. Also met two of cyclists headed west. 1022 miles down.


April 26

I left Duncan at 8:30 and arrived in Safford at 2:30. I only had a few climbs today but mostly downhill. It became a little warmer today, up into the 90’s. I stopped a lot to drink and stay hydrated. Staying at a Warmshowers host, Jay. Bed, shower, bathroom, running water, all I could ask for. Dinner is at the American Legion and is tacos. I’m getting plenty of rest for the long ride tomorrow. Going to try to get in another 70+ miles. Legs feel good. Body feels good. Going to have a good tailwind tomorrow.


April 27

I had a long, long ride today but also a great tailwind. The shoulder of the road wasn’t good at all and the traffic was crazy. I met a top veteran official for the Apache tribe and gave him a card. Another guy from New Jersey flagged me down to find out my story. He is doing some documentaries in regards to the election. He interviewed and filmed me. I arrived at the Gila County RV Park just before 7. I then went to the American Legion and met Rich and Cheryl. They bought me dinner at a Mexican restaurant and invited me back for the district meeting on Saturday. I decided that I should go to the meeting. Going to bed at 9. Hoping for a good nights sleep. 1142 miles down.


April 28

I had a great day. Did laundry, rested, and went to an America Legion meeting in Gobe, Arizona. The post made a donation to Christian Warriors. Thanks for a great lunch and thank you Commander Kurt for getting me past Globe and to Roosevelt Lake Marina. I met a lot of great people today and would have loved to stay longer. Roosevelt Lake was amazing. The water was clear and cool but I was still able to get in and just relax. After setting up my campsite, I went to the marina for dinner. I talked with several people and ended up getting a free dinner. It was so peaceful on the water. If I lived around here, this would be my go to place. Going to bed early but fulfilled in spirit. 1180 miles down.


April 29

Had an early start today and it was a beautiful ride along Roosevelt Lake. Some early hills but another great tailwind. I wanted to get moving before the heat comes. I stopped to go to a church service and ended up at a Mormon church. After church, I got moving again and had two really long climbs. Pulled into the biker bar at Jake’s Corner for a good meal. Ended up meeting an active duty AirForce guy from California named Chris. He offered me a place to stay in California. His family happened to be from Jake’s Corner so I was able to camp for free tonight. Another couple paid for my meal. Campsite all set up by 3. Now to relax and get ready for more hills. Listening to music from the biker bar. Weird thing, Chris’ mom is from Lakehills, Texas close to where my daughter lives. Small world. 1215 miles down.


April 30

What a hard day of riding. Many hills with a strong headwind. My left knee got sore. I made it to Usery Pass campground and got set up around 6. 11 hours of riding. I had a good night at the campground and got some good sleep. The trike is still doing good but will get a tune up tomorrow. Looking forward to meeting some new friends and to getting some rest. I saw a lot of scenery today and saw some amazing water recreational areas. Arizona seems like a good state to live in. 1267 miles down


May 1

I had a good ride into Phoenix today. Early start and some easy riding. I did run into a dead end and had to back track some. I rolled through Tempe and then Phoenix. I met up with Larry and Janet from Sun Cyclery. They rode with me the last 11 miles. Sun Cyclery tuned up he trike. Thank you Terra Trike. I met up with Shawn and Big Jim. We had a great visit and I was treated to a hotel room and an awesome dinner at Popo’a Mexican restaurant. Left knee being iced down. Great day. 1320 miles down


May 2

I had an easier ride today. I left Sun City at 8 feeling great. Nice time and visit there. I had some small climbs and a slight headwind. I got to the Horspatlity RV Park at 1:30. The campsite ended up being free and I was given a donation. I took a shower and went to American Legion Post 12 for dinner. I met a group of cyclists that was going to New York. Cool dudes. I saw an old friend that I first met back in Texas. 1359 miles down


May 3

I had a very rough day. Four flats in the first 15 miles. Elroy (met in Duncan) and Nathan (met him in Valentine) showed up on he scene and saved my day. We stopped for lunch at a good burrito place. I rode the last 35 miles and arrived in Hope at the Ramblin’ Roads RV Park. Guess what! Another flat. I am glad that this day is finally over. Good night and prayers for a better tomorrow.


May 4

I woke up worrying about my tires. Nathan taught me how to do a patch on my tubes. I replaced me tube again. Then I had an amazing ride all the way to Blythe, California. Some stranger bought my lunch today. Good riding and I stayed hydrated. Staying tonight st the Regency Inn. Did my laundry and ate some BBQ tonight. 1476 miles down.


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