June 4 – June 10

June 4 Crescent City to Harris Beach State Park, Brookings Oregon

I had a very late start today and had to stop at Walmart to get some supplies. I didn’t leave Crescent City until 12:30. The ride was very smooth and seemed to be rather easy. I arrived at the Harris Beach State Park at 3:30. I am now in Oregon and feeling great. It didn’t take long to see a marijuana store and that still seems odd to me. The wind picked up some but not too bad. The hiker/biker rate here was only $8. I am ready to set up camp and enjoy my night. I even had a little bird keep me company.

June 5 Harris Beach State Park to Honey Bear By the Sea RV Resort, Ophir, Oregon

I had a good ride today. I started at 8 and quickly got back on Highway 101. I knew that I had 8 climbs to make today but only 1 really big one. After this big climb (40 minutes up, 20 minutes down), I stopped for lunch at Gold Beach. I then only had 11 more miles to go. I arrived at the Honey Bear By the Sea RV Resort around 3. I am feeling good and strong.

June 6 Honey Bear By the Sea RV Resort to Bullards Beach State Park, Brandon Oregon

I had a nice, long ride today. I started at 8 and spent most of the day on Highway 101. I had a lot of rolling hills and a slight headwind. I stopped for lunch in Port Orford. I got back on the trike and had 29 miles to go. It seemed like a smooth ride with a lot traffic but I had nice wide shoulder to ride on. I had several nice views of the coast today. I am staying at the Bullards Beach State Park for only $7. Feeling really good.

June 7 Bullards Beach State Park to Windy Cove Campground, Winchester Oregon

I had a good ride today. I started at 8 and only had a few hills but they had a good downhill on the back end. I rode almost all day on Highway 101. I was making great time so I was able to stop at Moe’s Bike shop in North Bend to get a new bike computer. After that, I got back on the road. I stopped for lunch and then soon came to the original place that I had planned to stop at. It was only 1:00 so I decided to push on for another 13 miles. I stopped at the Windy Cove Campground. I got my campsite all set up, took a shower, then decided to go out for dinner. I am feeling good now. A rain storm is headed this way for the weekend so I am trying to push ahead. The weather has been cool but it will get colder. The wind has also been an issue. Pedal on.

June 8 Winchester to Yachats Oregon

I had a good start to my day. I got up at 6 and was all packed up and on the road at 7. I was trying to get a long ride in today because of the rain that is coming for the weekend. I rode hard and had a few hills but did good to power through them. I did not stop to eat today but did stop every hour for a drink break. It started raining around 11:30 and the rain stayed very steady. I rode until 2:30 before finally stopping at the Yachats Inn. I was able to get a hot shower and warm up some. I had to walk about a mile for dinner but it was worth it. I had Alfredo pasta with shrimp and crab. I had a great view from my room out to the ocean. I soaked in the hot tub. I finished the day only 3 miles short of 3,000. I am way ahead of my schedule to reach Port Townsend. I will have another wet day tomorrow. Oh well.

June 9 Yachats to America’s Best Value Inn, Lincoln City Oregon

I started today at 8 in the pouring down rain. I rode hard to try to make good time. I stopped for lunch in Newport at Pig N’ Pancake. It started raining again. I rode all the way to Lincoln Ciy and it was still pouring so I decided to stay at the America’s Best Value Inn. Hopefully better day tomorrow. I did go over 3,000 miles today. Yeah.


June 10 Lincoln City to Western Royal Inn, Tillamook Oregon

I started today with a good waffle breakfast. I then was on the trike at 9 and again, it was raining. I was getting wet from the rain coming down, road splash, and all the cars and trucks passing by me. I took a few scenic routes today to avoid the major traffic. I stopped at the Western Royal Inn. This was actually a nice place at a good price. The rain is supposed to stop tonight. I am feeling cold but in good spirits. 3,101 miles down.


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