May 28 – June 3

May 28 Elk to Westport Union Landing

I had a great ride today. Nick fixed me some tasty oatmeal for breakfast and I loaded up and was ready to leave by 8:30. I had a lot fewer hills today which made the trip easier. I stopped for lunch in Fort Bragg and ate at a pizza buffet. I talked to a Navy veteran and three motorcycle riders about my tour. As I was getting back on the trike, another family came up to me and asked about my mission. This family lives in California now but are from Austin Texas. I continued my ride and rode another 19 miles to the Westport Union Landing State Beach. Hiker/biker rate was $10. I ate dinner and got ready for bed. I will be heading off the coast tomorrow to a little flatter roads for a few days. Feeling good.

May 29 Westport to Richardson Grove State Park

I had a good ride today. I left early at 7 and had a small climb followed by a nice downhill. After leaving the coast, I had about a three hour climb with many switchbacks. I then had a very short downhill followed by another hour and a half climb. I finally got to the top and had an amazing 35 minuets of fast downhill which took me all the way to Highway 101. I stopped for lunch at a little diner/store. Powerades cost $3.75 each. I still had about 15 more miles but Highway 101 was a much easier ride. I got to my campsite at 3:30 and the neighbors invited me over for dinner. Tom, David, and Karen were some very friendly people.

May 30 Richarson Grove to Rio Dell

i had a good long ride today. I was on Highways 101 for a while and then turned off onto the Avenue of the Giants. I could not believe the size of the Redwood trees. I spent most of the ride looking up. Clouds started rolling in and a storm was coming so I decided to stay inside at the Humboldt Gables Lodge. I restocked at the Dollar General. On the road today, I met this guy named Jamie McDonald (Adventure Man). He is running across California. Feeling good.

May 31 Rio Dell to Redwood Coast RV Resort, Eureka

I had a late start today because of the shorter ride ahead of me. I stayed on back country roads for most of the day nd had a few big hills at 14% grade. I am getting stronger and was able to handle those hills easily. I only rode 35 miles today and finished in 6 hours. I stayed at the Redwood Coast RV Resort. This is a nice quiet place with plenty of grass and shade. I am ready for a shower and I might build a fire tonight to cook my dinner. Looking forward to relaxing and enjoying the cool night. It’s predicted to get down into the mid 40’s. I have another short ride tomorrow to a Warmshowers host in Trinidad. Feeling really good about my riding and staying strong and fit.

June 1 Eureka to Trinidad

I had a very short ride today so I slept in until 8. I ate breakfast, packed up, and got on the road at 10. I had a few hills and one really rough road but made it to my Warmshowers host at 2. Spent some time resting and then took a shower. My host, Carol, fixed me some rice dish and a salad. Relaxing day. Going to bed early. Feeling great.

June 2 Trinidad to Elk Prairie Campgrounds, Orick

I had a great ride today started off with some homemade blueberry scones. I got on the road at 8. I stayed on Highway 101 for most of the day and had a few climbs and some nice downhills. I stopped for an early lunch in Orick. I made it to the Elk Prairie State Campground at 12:30. Only 4 1/2 hours of travel time today. I had already seen some elk before I even set up my campsite. Had a great dinner of pasta and chicken and sat next to a hot fire. Feeling relaxed and strong.

June 3 Orick to Crescent City

I had a good ride today. I started at 7:30 and stopped to take pictures of two large elk before leaving the campground. I had a good ride for a while and stopped to eat a late breakfast. At this point, I had only 17 miles to go. After a few miles, I started a very long, slow climb. I was on this climb for several miles and several hours. With about 6 miles to go, I finally reached the top of the climb. I came into Crescent City on a fast downhill and saw several more elk. After a few miles, I reached my stop for the night. I am staying at the Saint Paul’s Family Church in Crescent City. A very nice host named Katie met me and gave me a tour. I took a shower and then walked into town to do my laundry and get some supplies. I watched a movie and got a great night sleep. I have another short day tomorrow but will be leaving California and going into Oregon. Feeling at peace. 2,788 miles down.


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