May 14 – May 20

May 14 – Santa Monica to Ventura, California

I had a pretty good ride today. I started off with the sights and sounds of the Pacific Ocean. I rode on a bike path for a long time with very few people. I had a couple big hills but nothing too terribly bad. I saw a lot of people surfing and windsurfing even though the water is still cold, I ate lunch in Malibu at the Neptune’s Net. After lunch I still had 30 miles to go. I went past the Ventura Naval Base. I saw a lot of berry farms and several workers picking fruit. I was away from the beach for a while but returned near Oxnard. I finished at the Sandbox Coffee House in Ventura. The owner, Todd, allowed me to put my tent up on the patio area. I ate some pizza from Tony’s Pizzaria and then went to bed early and had a great sleep. 1911 miles down.

May 15 – Ventura to Goleta

I had a late start today at 8:30 but enjoyed a beautiful ride. I spent most of the day on bike paths which are way safer than the roads. I enjoyed the crowds and activities in Santa Barbara. I made it to my Warmshowers host at 3:30. I felt good and relaxed today. Thanks goes out to Jessica at the Sandbox Coffee House for the juice and fruit to get my day started. Chase, my Warmshowers host, cooked a delicious pasta dinner and provided me with a great bed and excellent accommodations. Looking forward to a great night because I have a long climb tomorrow. 1956 miles down.

May 16 – Goleta to Lompoc

I had a hard ride today. Very windy and many climbs. I got to go through a tunnel which was very scary and loud. Once on Highway 1, I had about a 3 mile long climb and then I ran into some road construction. I had a nice downhill but then the wind picked up, I rode into Lompoc and had a lot of nice scenery on the way. I made it to the River RV Park and set up my campsite. It was only $15 for the night. I cooked dinner with the Kelly Kettle and had a great sleep. And yes, I hit another milestone today. 2000 miles down.

May 17 – Lompoc to Oceano

I had a hard day of riding today with a total of 21 climbs and a strong headwind. Two of my flags came loose and need to be repaired. I rode past the Vandenburg Air Force Base. Once again saw many berry farms full of workers that have to handpick the fruit. I stopped to eat at the Burrito Loco in Arroyo Grande. I had a nice sized meal for under $10. I ended my day at the Coastal Dunes RV Park and Campground in Oceano. This was a nice place and the bikers rate was only $13. I met another cyclist named Tom who is headed South. He told me that most cyclists on the Pacific Coast tier go north to south because of 3 reasons: 1. Prevailing Winds blow south, 2. Better views of the ocean on the other side of the road, 3. Better shoulder on the southbound side. I am just going to have to tough it out and do my thing. 2046 miles down.

May 18 – Oceano to Cambria

I had a good ride this morning. I left Oceano at 8 and had a few minor hills while riding through several small towns. My phone would not stay charged so I stopped at an ATT store in San Louis Opisbo. I ended up getting a new phone. While I was in town, I went to Dick’s sporting goods and upgraded my tent. These two things ended up being a three hour delay. I then got back on the trike and headed down the road. As I was going up the hill by Morro Bay, a truck pulled over in front of me. It was the commander of the American Legion in Cambria, David Ehlers. He loaded me up and took me to Cambria. I ended up staying at his parent’s home. Wow! What a view and a very nice place. After showering, we ate BBQ from Linn’s and spent some time at the Post. David then took me to see the elephant seals at the beach. This was amazing for me. I had a great time in Cambria and wish I could have stayed longer. 2093 miles down

May 19 Cambria to King City

I started today with a great breakfast at the American Legion. I then received a long ride from Bear and Ron. These men are involved with a program called Honor Flights ( Amazing men and thank you for what you do for our veterans. They drove me all the way to the Quality Inn in King City. I had a great stay and accommodations here thanks to an angel named Susan Juckett. Feeling blessed and relaxed. 2174 miles down.

May 20 – King City to Salinas

I had a good breakfast today and was on the road by 8. I rode the first 22 miles on Highway 101 but was forced to leave the road and had to go on some back roads. The winds increased as the day wore on. I was still able to get to my Warmshowers host Jerry and Sue by 4:30. I had a great dinner of salad, pasta, pizza, and fruit. Jerry then showed me his large postcard collection which was pretty amazing. I had a nice bed and private room for the night. Feeling great. 2224 miles down.


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