July 16 – July 22

July 16 Glasgow to Wolf Point, Montana

I had another long ride today. I started at 7:30 and stopped in town to get drinks and breakfast. I talked to a man about Christian Warriors retreat center. I got back on the trike and soon another man named Jim stopped  me to talk about my Terra  Trike. After a few minutes, got back on the road. I turned off Highway 2 and took the Old Indian highway. Many rolling hills with the long climbs. I stayed on this road for 20 to 25 miles. I got back on Highway 2 and rode into Wolf Point. I stopped at the store for supplies but left quickly due to the locals grouping up around my trike. I rode another 6 miles to Steamboat Dry Goods. I met Carolyn and her daughter Olivia. I ate dinner and set up my camp and then took a shower. Great day.

July 17 Wolf Point to Circle, Montana

I had a good long ride today. I started at 7:30 AM and the first 2 miles went very well. Then I turned on Highway 13 and began with the hills. Overall, 41 Hills today with over 2000 feet of elevation gain. I stopped in Vida to refill water at the post office. I soon came to road construction. They were adding chip seal to the road which made it very difficult to ride. Tar was all over my tires and rocks continue to get stuck in my wheels and fenders. After several miles, finally got out of the construction area. I still had many hills and long climbs. I rode into Circle Montana and went to the Wooden Nickel for lunch and then to the Lunchbox for dessert. I went to the campground to relax, I did laundry, set up my tent, watched some TV. Ready for bed and another big climb tomorrow going to Glendive. I will stay with a host tomorrow night.

July 18 Circle to Glendive, Montana

I had a good ride today. I Left Circle, Montana at 8:30. Once I left town, I began to go up mini climbs, total of about 1200 feet of elevation gain over the first 15 miles. Once crossing the top, I then  began a nice downhill ride all the way to Glendive. I did have  just a few minor hills but nothing major. I stopped for lunch at a small place in Lindsay Montana. After getting back on the trike, again had good riding conditions with a nice shoulder and not much traffic. I did see two eagles on the fence off the road. I was able to take a picture before they flew away. I made it to my host family in Glendive around 4 PM. Jeremiah then showed me around town and I met some other veterans. We stopped at the store to resupply and then had dinner which was paddle fish. We watched a movie and then I went to bed. I am meeting with the Combat Veteran Motorcycle Association from North Dakota tomorrow morning. Very exciting.

July 19 Stayed in Glendive, Montana

I stayed in Glendive Montana all day today for rest. I’m at Chase Justice and the CVMA motorcycle  group from North Dakota. I then went to the American Legion Post 28. I then checked into the Super  8 motel. Great day.

July 20 Glendive to Medora, North Dakota

I had a good ride today. I left early at 8:30 and got on Interstate 94. I rode on I 94 for several miles and then came to the exit to Wilbaux.  I stopped for lunch at the tasty Treat and had a Montana melt sandwich with a rhubarb shake. I think got back on the trike in return to I 94. I soon came to North Dakota border. I then turned off I 94 in Beach North Dakota and followed old Highway 10 almost all the way to Medora. I got to the Red Trail Camp ground. I set up my tent, took a shower, ate pizza for dinner, and then went to bed. This is a crowded RV park. The wind had picked up. I hope dies down before the morning.

July 21 Medora to Dickinson, North Dakota

I had a very difficult ride today. Last night was rough. I didn’t get much sleep because of the loud people moving in. A lady and her husband came in around midnight to set up their tent. They were both rude and very loud. Then around 2:30 AM, another guy shows up with three barking dogs. Then his car alarm goes off around 4 AM. I couldn’t wait to leave there. Got on the road around 830. Hills headwind and heat all added up to a slow ride. I fought for all I was worth. I stopped for lunch in Bellfield. I then got back on the trike and was fighting 25 mile an hour headwind. I met a couple from New York name Erica and Ken. I finally got to Dickinson and went across town to the North Park campground. After setting up my tent a huge storm came in and it poured down for a few hours. Everything in my tent stayed  dry. The winds continue to blast. Hoping for a good morning. A guy name Scott took me into town last night for dinner. What a nice guy.

July 22 Dickinson to Glen Ullin, North Dakota

I had a great ride today. I got started at nine. Cooler weather today and a nice tailwind. I rode out of Dickinson on old Highway 10. I got to Richardton and ate lunch at Johnny’s café. After Richardton, I had a nice downhill and way less climbing. I crossed  the timeline and now I am on the same time as those in Texas. I continue to ride on smooth flat roads and got to the Glen Ullin Memorial Park and campground. I met a very nice family that was having a family reunion. They gave me dinner, fruit, and ice tea. I had a nice visit with the younger children. Very nice people. My camp is all set up and I am ready for bed. I will cross over 5000 miles tomorrow.

4978 miles down.

July 9 -July 15

July 9 Glacier Campground to Devil Creek Campground, Essex Montana

I had a nice ride today. I started around 10. I stop for breakfast and West glacier. I started making small climes and then some long slow climbs. I gained 1200 feet elevation. I stopped at the devil creek campground at 4:30. I met the camp host Roy and Sandi. They let me camp at their site, gave me a nice dinner, allowed me to take a shower, water, watch TV and have a great conversation all for free. Sandi is an amazing artist. (sandiworthington.com) Great night. Going over the pass tomorrow.

July 10 Devils Creek to Brownies Hostel and Bakery, East Glacier Village, Montana

Today was a great day. I started at nine. I had 8 miles and 1200 feet to go to get over the continental divide. I had a steady climb but made it to the top in less than two hours. Feeling super excited. I then began writing into East glacier. I stopped at Brownies Hostel and Bakery. Feeling great.

July 11 East Glacier to Cut Bank, Montana

I had a good day today. I slept until 8 AM then ate breakfast and packed up my gear. I didn’t start my ride until 11 today because my host won’t be home until after six. I had some nice down hills but also several climbs. Once I made it past Browning, I still had a few hills but long flats in between. I arrived in Cutbank Montana at 4:30 and averaged almost 9 mph today. I covered the 48 miles pretty easily. I feel great and I hope to have a good night. My host will be home around six. His family was great. I had baked stuffed chicken with cheese and asparagus, rice, and cheesecake. I had a full nights rest and then even had breakfast in the morning. Looking forward to a long day tomorrow. I hope the hills, the winds, and my knees cooperate together. Feeling good and strong.

July 12 Cut Bank to Chester City Park, Montana

I had an early start today. I got up and ate breakfast and was on the trike at 7:30. I was moving along well for the first 35 miles. Then slow down some for the next 15 miles. I then ran into road construction on highway two. The road was torn up with some major potholes for at least 10 to 15 miles. I stopped at a new grocery store near Galata. I eat lunch and then talk to a Vietnam Navy veteran about my tour. After lunch, I still had 5 miles of torn up Road. Finally back on good road and a nice shoulder I rode to Chester Montana. I went to dinner at Spud’s diner and was treated by another family. I then went to the city park for free camping. They had a bathroom and plenty of water. Trying for another long ride tomorrow.

July 13 Chester to Harlem, Montana

I got up early today to a bright sunny sky. I am feeling really good and have a slight tail wind and some big down hills. I think I will try for my century ride today. I rode 16 miles in to Havre and stopped for lunch. Only 43 miles to go and it’s only 2 PM. After lunch, got back on the road. I was pushing it for time because the shower and pool close at 8 PM. I arrived in Harlem at 7:45 PM and took a quick dip in the pool and then a nice hot shower. I did laundry and walk to the store to get dinner. I made it 104 miles today and 10 hours 31 minutes with an average speed of 9.8 mph. I am not planning on ever going that far again. I am tired, a little sore, and not sure how much that ride took out of me. It was 95° today so I had to drink a lot of fluids. Going to go back to shorter days starting tomorrow.

July 14 Harlem to Malta, Montana

I got up early today feeling pretty good after my 104 mile ride yesterday. I got up at 7:30. I took my time packing and then went to the store. Finally got on the trike at 9 AM. I had a very strong tailwind today and a high temp was only 71°. It made for a much more relaxing ride. I rode many miles of nothing but Montana farmland. Beautiful and peaceful. Much less traffic today.  I made it to Malta and went to the Dairy Queen for lunch. Shared my story with a man named Matt who was from Texas and used to go to school at the same college my daughter did. After lunch, I went to the Trafton city park for only five dollars. I met another cyclist named Brad who started in Oregon and is heading to Virginia and then to Florida. Getting campsite ready and will cook with my Kelly Kettle tonight.

July 15 Malta to Glasgow, Montana

I had a good start to my day today. I was up at six and on the road at 7:30. I applied bug spray and sunscreen before I begin. I rode all the way to Saco Flats before taking a break. I saw about 20 cycle is going to Seattle riding for MS. I stopped for lunch in Hinsdale around two. I talked  to the caretaker at the American Legion in Hinsdale. They have a building but not open for any services. I continue down the road. Soon Brad the other cyclists from caught up with me. We both decided to go to the Trails West campground in Glasgow Montana. I got in the pool to cool down and then set up my tent. I cooked  dinner on the Kelly Kettle. I then took a shower and went to bed.

4655 miles down.

July 2 – July 8

July 2 Springy Point Campground to Sam Owen Campground, Clark Fork, Idaho

I had a good ride today in the beginning. I started around 10 because I new that I only had 27 miles to ride. The ride started with a great ride across the river into Sandpoint. I was able to ride on the old road turned into a bike trail. After reaching Sandpoint, I rode on Highway 200 for a long time. I then went over the 4,000 mile marker for my tour. When I stopped to take the picture, it began to thunder and lightning. I put my rain gear on and kept riding. It poured down rain for several hours. At one point it was even hailing pea sized balls. I finally made it to Hope, Idaho and stopped for lunch. After lunch, I had a flat tire on my trailer. A few men at the diner helped me repair it. I got back on the road and only had 4 miles to go. I got to the campground, set up my campsite, took a walk around, started a fire, and ate dinner.

July 3 Sam Owen Campground to Two Rivers RV Park, Noxon, Montana

Today was a great day. I got up early at 6 and was packed up and ready before 7. I then went down to the beach to get cell reception. I sat on a bench and noticed it was carved C+G. These are both my wife’s and my initials. As I was leaving the beach, I found a little pink heart bead on the ground. I look at these as signs from God. I finally got started at 8 and stayed on Highway 200 for just a little while. I then took an alternate route. This was a nice road with very little traffic. When I got back on Highway 200, I noticed that it had rained. I then rode the last 6 miles to the Two Rivers RV Park. I set up my campsite and met another couple that were camping. Both of them were veterans. They ended up buying me some firewood. I cooked dinner, took a shower, and stayed next to the fire. I almost forgot to mention, I am in Montana, my 8th State. Yeah.

July 4 Two Rivers to Fireman’s Park Campground, Libby, Montana

I had a good start to my day. I was in the trike just before 9. I rode 35 miles on Highway 56. I didn’t see any bears but only a few deer. There were also 25 crosses on the road for people that have died there. I made it to Highway 2 and was headed to Libby. Then my trailer tire had a major blow out and I had to get a ride to town. A gentleman gave me a lift to the Fireman’s RV Park. I then went to Ace Hardware and bought a new tire. It’s all changed and ready to go. I then went to the grocery store and bought a steak to grill out. There weren’t any fireworks in Libby so after dinner, I went to bed. Happy 4th everyone.

July 5 Libby to Rocky Gorge Campground, Eureka, Montana

I had a late start today due to some minor maintenance. I ended up getting another new tire for the other wheel of my trailer and I also bought 2 slime tubes. I then stopped at the store to get a hot breakfast and some donuts. I started at 10:30 and had a beautiful ride heading towards Libby Dam. I stayed on back roads with less traffic. I entered on the West side of the river and rode directly in front of the dam. I then started a long slow climb and ended up on the East side above the dam. I then rode on highway 37 with a dang rumble strip. The shoulder width also varied a lot and I had many climbs. I ate a late lunch/early dinner at a marina. I arrived at Rocky Gorge and paid my $5. I stepped into the river and it was ice cold. I set up campsite and went to bed. Seven hours on the trike today. Another long day tomorrow.

July 6 Rocky Gorge to Jerry’s Saloon and RV Park, Fortine, Montana

I had a tough ride today. Many uphills. I started at 9:30. Temperatures went up to near 90 today. I rode for a while on Highway 37 then turned to back country roads. I saw a buffalo ranch along the way. There was very little traffic but so many hills. I rode on Highway 93 and came to Jerry’s Saloon and RV Park. I only planned to get something to eat and did not know that they allowed tent camping. I ended up meeting a man named Bobby who paid for my meal and then met the owner Craig who allowed me to camp for free. I ate my dinner, set up my tent, and was ready to sleep. New day tomorrow.

July 7 Fortine to Whitefish Lake State Park, Whitefish Montana

I had some minor mechanical issues today so I went to the Glacier Cyclery bike shop in Whitefish. Bobby was kind enough to make sure I got there safely. At the shop, Travis took great care of my trike. He discovered that my rear derailer was malfunctioning because a piece of my frame had sheared off and also because a pin in the derailer was bent. He was able to straighten the pin and there is still enough of my frame to keep it in place for now. He also changed out my chain and fixed a broken spoke. All said and done, $129. But it now works great and will allow me to head over the pass in a few days. I then went to the Whitefish State Park and got a spot for $10. Nice shower, built a fire to cook dinner, and had a good sleep, except for the occasional train noise. I am heading into town tomorrow to do laundry and then on the West Glacier.

July 8 Whitefish Lake to Glacier Campground, West Glacier

I had a busy day today. I started off early at 8 and headed to Whitefish. I stopped to do my laundry and then ate breakfast. I then got on the road heading towards West Glacier. I started on nice paved roads, then onto hard packed roads, then onto logging roads that were rough. I met another local couple and they gave me good directions. I continued on the logging roads in the middle of Bear country but soon was back on paved roads and civilization. I was told to make a lot of noise and that’s exactly what I did. I met another cyclist named Jennie and she rode with me for several miles. I then arrived at the Glacier Campground at 3:30. I ate an early dinner, watched TV, and took a shower. Relaxing night before going up the pass tomorrow.

4,259 miles down.

June 25 – July 1

June 25 Shoreline to Auburn, Washington

I started today at the America’s Best Value Inn in Shoreline with my wife. Since my wife was flying back to Texas today, we decided to rent a truck so we could ride together. She took me to the Angel Lake Cyclery bike shop in SeaTac Washington. The owner, Dale, was waiting for me and soon got to work on my trike. He replaced all my tires, provided slime filled tubes, fixed my rear derailer, adjusted my brakes, and installed a new thumb gear shifter for my rear gears. He is a great guy and really knew what he was doing. I left the bike shop at 4:30 and still had 11 miles to go. I soon got on the bike path and had a smooth ride except for the accident I saw. I arrived at my Warmshowers host and was met by Steve and Melody. They provided an excellent dinner and dessert. Steve showed me his bike shop and some of his projects. Great conversation and a wonderful bed.

June 26 Auburn to Highway 18, then to Sunnyside, Washington

Today was a great day for riding, cool temps, no wind, good shoulder on road. The only tough part was a lot of hills or sometimes just a constant uphill grade. I should expect more hills and climbing until I cross the continental divide in Montana in a few weeks. I rode hard for 20 miles and then my friend, Keith Jackson, picked me up to take me to his house in Sunnyside. I am going to spend a few days with Keith and his wife, Michelle. On the very first night, we had a great steak dinner with baked potato and grilled veggies. Also had cheesecake for dessert. We stayed up late talking and reconnecting. This is going to be a great few days for my spirit and for my body to get some healing in preparation for my quest to head East towards Maine. Feeling great and trike is running smooth.

June 27 Sunnyside

Rest day. I visited the Veterans Memorial in Sunnyside. I met the American Legion commander, Greg Schlieve. I also talked with Vietnam Veteran Leroy Werkhoven. Keith and I went to the VFW Post 3482 for dinner. While there, I met the Post and District Commander Bill Ingram. I told him about my cause and my tour. He took a picture with me and is sending it to the National Commander. I also met a lot of other great veterans and really had a great time.


June 28 Sunnyside

Rest day. I rode my trike into Sunnyside today for an interview with the Daily Sun News. I spoke with Ted and had a good time sharing my story. I then went back to the Jackson’s and had a great time hanging out with them. I also met several veterans at their RV Park and was able to share with them. We then went shopping and I was able to get some new gear. I bought a self-inflating ground mat, some rope to hang my food in bear country, and a new pair of rain pants. Great day.

June 29 Mount Rainer

Rest day. I went with the Jackson’s to Mount Rainer. This was just a great day for sightseeing and relaxing. We saw many waterfalls. I was able to walk on snow up in the mountains. We ate lunch at the lodge up in the Paradise Loop. I saw many beautiful flowers. We had a great day of exploring and then a beautiful drive back to Yakima and then to Sunnyside. I am getting excited about getting back on the tour tomorrow.

June 30 Sunnyside to Spokane

I got up early today because I am excited to get packed up and back on the road. I took a shower and then ate some breakfast. I then began my laundry. I also talked to several people about my tour and PTSD. A lady I met named Peggy baked us some delicious banana bread. The RV Park owner gave me a donation. I finally repacked my trailer and we got on the road at 12:30. Keith was nice enough to give me a ride to get me back on schedule in Spokane. I am going to miss the Jackson’s and all their kindness. I arrived at my Warmshowers host at 4:30. Mike and Anita prepared a delicious dinner of ribs, beans, and brownies. They are super nice hosts and this night will get me ready for tomorrow.

July 1 Spokane to Springy Point Campground, Sagle, Idaho

I was feeling really excited today to get back on the road. My day started with a great breakfast with Mike and Anita. I got a late start at around 10. I rode on a bike trail for several miles then finally crossed into Idaho. This is now my 7th State. I rode along a busy highway but had a nice shoulder. After leaving the highway, I had country roads with no shoulder but way less traffic. Some of the roads weren’t even paved. I arrived at the Springy Point Campground around 6. I was told about getting an Access Pass for Federal Parks which will give me free entry and half priced camping. I got the pass and hope to use it a lot. I then took a shower, ate a good dinner, then got an amazing night of sleep. Going to keep moving and making my way East.

June 18 – June 24

June 18 Potlatch State Park to Seal Rock Campground, Brinnon Washington

I had an easy ride today with a few rolling hills. I started around 9:30 and arrived at the campground at 3. I had lunch in Brinnon and saw a herd of elk in the back field. I rode along the Hood Canal all day and even saw some eagles at the campground. I am feeling great and only have one day until corner number 2.

June 19 and June 20 Seal Rock Campground to Fort Worden State Park, Port Townsend Washington

I had a nice ride today. I started at 9 and soon was climbing some long hills. I climbed more hills today than I have for a while so riding was slower. I stayed on Highway 101 for only 11 miles then turned onto the back roads. I stopped for lunch at a Mexican restaurant in Hadock-Irondale. I only had 10 miles to go. I arrived at Fort Worden at 3 and it only costs $12 per night for bikers. I am staying here for 2 nights to get a full day of rest tomorrow. Corner number two is now done. I am very excited. Feeling great but my trike needs some maintenance.

June 20, Fort Worden

Today I took all day off to rest. This is my first full day off since San Diego on May 10. I rode around the Fort and went to town later for dinner. I met a retired Navy veteran named Fred that was riding around on Terra Trike Rover. I stopped at the American Legion Post 26 in Port Townsend. The commander, Bruce, allowed me to share my story at their meeting and then the Post agreed to give Christian Warriors a donation. This was a great day of rest and relaxation.

June 21 Port Townsend to America’s Best Inn, Shoreline Washington

It was raining some this morning as I started my day at 8:30 to get to the ferry terminal for the 9:30 ferry. It was very cool to ride onto the ferry and see all the other people. There were also several classic cars on the ferry. The ferry was fast and smooth. After the first ferry, I still had about 30 miles to go to get to the second ferry. I had many hills all day. At the second ferry, it was only 2.5 miles to the other side. After this ferry, I had a very long, steady uphill grade for several miles. Once I got closer to Shoreline, I was able to ride on the Interurban Bike Trail. This was a very nice bike trail and there was several other riders and walkers on the trail. I finally made it to the hotel at 5:30. I am now with my wife and ready for a few days of rest and relaxation before heading to corner number three. 3,520 miles down.

June 22 to June 24

Shoreline Washington. Spending my weekend with my wife. We are just relaxing and enjoying our time. We did go out to eat a few times and restocked my supplies. I also bought some new shorts since my other ones were so big. See you next week.

June 11 – June 17

June 11 Tillamook to Nehalem Bay State Park, Nehalem Oregon

I had a relaxing ride today and the sun was finally shining again. I slept in until 9 and didn’t get on the road until 10:45. After about a mile, I stopped at the Tillamook County Creamery for some cheese and ice cream. I finally got started around 12. I was going great until I had another flat tire. This was my first flat since Arizona. I changed me tube and then arrived at the Nehalem Bay State Park around 3:30. It felt great to have a sunny day and an easy ride.

June 12 Nehalem to Astoria Oregon

Today started with a few good climbs. I was feeling good and making great time until the sidewall of my rear tire blew out. I was stranded on Highway 101, 23 miles from the bike shop. I contacted Alex from Terra Trike for some assistance and he was able to verify that the bike shop did have a tire that would fit my trike. After some time waving down trucks, an Air Force veteran named Justin pulled over to help me. He then gave me a ride all the way to the bike shop in Warrenton Oregon. The bike shop was called Bike Envy. They gave me a new tire, fixed a broken spoke, and got me back on the road (all for free). I then rode to my Warmshowers host house in Astoria. My host, Steve, provided me a great place to sleep, fixed an amazing dinner of fish and pasta, and gave me plenty of tips for my upcoming days. Great place to stay and refuel. Today is my last day in Oregon. Looking forward to Washington.

June 13 Astoria to Elochoman Slough Marina, Cathlamet Washington

I started riding today at 9 in a little rain. It rained for the first several hours. I also had a serious issue with my rear derailer today. It would change to a higher gear but not back into the lower gears for climbing. I rode for a while and eventually made it to a ferry crossing. I rode on the ferry from Oregon crossing into Washington. I am staying in a yurt at the marina in Cathlamet, Washington.

June 14 Cathlamet to Paradise Cove Resort, Castle Rock Washington

I had a late start today while waiting for the rain to stop. I started at 10:30. I had a good ride and my gears worked better than yesterday. I had some beautiful views of the river today and only had a few hills. I arrived at the Paridise Cove Resort at 4:30. The rain held off all day so far. Campsite is set up, shower done, fire started, dinner cooking, ready for bed. Great day.

June 15 Castle Rock to Stan Hedwall Park, Chehalis Washington

I had a great day today. Started at 9:30. I had very good roads with very little traffic. I stopped for lunch in Napavine at Taste of Alaska. I had the all-you-can eat fish and chips and a bowl of clam chowder. The owner bought my lunch and I was given a few donations. Great people. After lunch, I rode almost all downhill to the Stan Hedwall Park. Nice quiet place. While there, I met an Air Force veteran named Travis. He was a nice guy that knew about the struggles of PTSD. I also met a man named John and his wife. His son in law also struggles with PTSD. It was good to share with these men.

June 16 Chehalis to Elma RV Park, Elma Washington

I had a great ride today. Best ride in over a month. I was able to finish 40 miles in less than 4 hours. I arrived at the Elma RV Park and it only cost $10 to camp for a biker. The camp host owned a Terra Trike Rover. I was given fresh baked cookies. I set up my campsite, took a shower, made a fire, and ate dinner. What a beautiful day. I am feeling great.

June 17 Elma to Potlatch State Park, Shelton Washington

I had a good ride again today. I left Elma at 10:00 and rode mostly on back country roads. I went past a very large prison today. Finally made it back to Highway 101. I had a great view of the snow topped Mount Olympus mountain. I arrived at the Potlatch State Park at 2. Nice campground. The weather was a little warmer today, in the mid 70’s. Feeling great. 3,356 miles down.

June 4 – June 10

June 4 Crescent City to Harris Beach State Park, Brookings Oregon

I had a very late start today and had to stop at Walmart to get some supplies. I didn’t leave Crescent City until 12:30. The ride was very smooth and seemed to be rather easy. I arrived at the Harris Beach State Park at 3:30. I am now in Oregon and feeling great. It didn’t take long to see a marijuana store and that still seems odd to me. The wind picked up some but not too bad. The hiker/biker rate here was only $8. I am ready to set up camp and enjoy my night. I even had a little bird keep me company.

June 5 Harris Beach State Park to Honey Bear By the Sea RV Resort, Ophir, Oregon

I had a good ride today. I started at 8 and quickly got back on Highway 101. I knew that I had 8 climbs to make today but only 1 really big one. After this big climb (40 minutes up, 20 minutes down), I stopped for lunch at Gold Beach. I then only had 11 more miles to go. I arrived at the Honey Bear By the Sea RV Resort around 3. I am feeling good and strong.

June 6 Honey Bear By the Sea RV Resort to Bullards Beach State Park, Brandon Oregon

I had a nice, long ride today. I started at 8 and spent most of the day on Highway 101. I had a lot of rolling hills and a slight headwind. I stopped for lunch in Port Orford. I got back on the trike and had 29 miles to go. It seemed like a smooth ride with a lot traffic but I had nice wide shoulder to ride on. I had several nice views of the coast today. I am staying at the Bullards Beach State Park for only $7. Feeling really good.

June 7 Bullards Beach State Park to Windy Cove Campground, Winchester Oregon

I had a good ride today. I started at 8 and only had a few hills but they had a good downhill on the back end. I rode almost all day on Highway 101. I was making great time so I was able to stop at Moe’s Bike shop in North Bend to get a new bike computer. After that, I got back on the road. I stopped for lunch and then soon came to the original place that I had planned to stop at. It was only 1:00 so I decided to push on for another 13 miles. I stopped at the Windy Cove Campground. I got my campsite all set up, took a shower, then decided to go out for dinner. I am feeling good now. A rain storm is headed this way for the weekend so I am trying to push ahead. The weather has been cool but it will get colder. The wind has also been an issue. Pedal on.

June 8 Winchester to Yachats Oregon

I had a good start to my day. I got up at 6 and was all packed up and on the road at 7. I was trying to get a long ride in today because of the rain that is coming for the weekend. I rode hard and had a few hills but did good to power through them. I did not stop to eat today but did stop every hour for a drink break. It started raining around 11:30 and the rain stayed very steady. I rode until 2:30 before finally stopping at the Yachats Inn. I was able to get a hot shower and warm up some. I had to walk about a mile for dinner but it was worth it. I had Alfredo pasta with shrimp and crab. I had a great view from my room out to the ocean. I soaked in the hot tub. I finished the day only 3 miles short of 3,000. I am way ahead of my schedule to reach Port Townsend. I will have another wet day tomorrow. Oh well.

June 9 Yachats to America’s Best Value Inn, Lincoln City Oregon

I started today at 8 in the pouring down rain. I rode hard to try to make good time. I stopped for lunch in Newport at Pig N’ Pancake. It started raining again. I rode all the way to Lincoln Ciy and it was still pouring so I decided to stay at the America’s Best Value Inn. Hopefully better day tomorrow. I did go over 3,000 miles today. Yeah.


June 10 Lincoln City to Western Royal Inn, Tillamook Oregon

I started today with a good waffle breakfast. I then was on the trike at 9 and again, it was raining. I was getting wet from the rain coming down, road splash, and all the cars and trucks passing by me. I took a few scenic routes today to avoid the major traffic. I stopped at the Western Royal Inn. This was actually a nice place at a good price. The rain is supposed to stop tonight. I am feeling cold but in good spirits. 3,101 miles down.